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HTC Desire Review – TechRadar

February 28, 2010

Techradar have posted their hands-on review of the HTC Desire which makes an interesting read. Be sure to check it out:


TechRadar Reviews HTC Desire


HTC Desire Release Date and Price

February 27, 2010

The wait is over. I can now confirm the official release date and price of the HTC Desire!


HTC Legend Review

February 26, 2010

American site Let’s Go Digital has posted a good, in-depth review of the new HTC Legend. This is the alternative to the HTC Desire and will give you a good idea of what to expect, experience wise, when it ships this April.

O2 snatch up the HTC Smart

February 25, 2010

O2 have announced their contract with HTC to bring the HTC Smart to the UK exclusively through their network.

This is good news for us Desire lovers as it means more freedom to stay on the network we want to.

O2 saw some huge profits when they managed to get exclusivity on the Apple iPhone a few years back but now other networks have their chance to sell Apple’s Jesus phone.

So, if you were hoping to snatch up the Desire’s cheaper sister then don’t fret, you may have to swap networks or just get an unlocked one from Expansys. Failing that, the Desire is just a whole lot better 😉

HTC Smart

The Desire's little sister

HTC Desire is ‘the most popular phone’

February 25, 2010

According to a survey on Tech Radar, the HTC Desire has come out top on a reader poll as being the best thing to come out of the recent MWC.

The Desire took 52% of the vote and the Legend was in second place with 22%

Not bad really considering all the phones that were displayed.

For more info, read the Tech Radar article

HTC Desire Mobile Phone

HTC Desire

Android Market growing quicker than App Store

February 25, 2010
Android Market

Android Market, getting bigger every month...

It’s good news for Android users as analyst firm Distmo confirms that the growth of Android apps has actually increased more than that of the Apple App Store.

Apple are currently seeing a 9% growth per month (14,090 new apps) while Android is growing at 15% per month (3,000).


HTC Desire Coming to the 3 network

February 24, 2010

Although this news is a few days old now, it is still a rather exciting prospect. I am currently on the 3 network myself and therefore have free Skype, MSN Messenger and Twitter.

If I can get myself a Desire through 3 then this will be happy days. I’m sure it would boost 3’s customer base too as the Desire is likely to be a big hit (seeing as all the other UK operators have jumped on the band wagon).

Skype on 3

Skype would work free on '3'

HTC Desire 720p video recording?!

February 24, 2010

An HTC representative has said that the Desire can record video at 720p in a video recorded at the Mobile World Congress.

Now, whether the phone actually ships with the software to record in 720p is another question. Other reports have suggested recording resolutions of WVGA (800×480) but if the hardware can support it then the software will surely follow in a future firmware update.

Start watching from about 3:10 for the HTC Desire talk.

HTC Desire Specifications

February 24, 2010

Most of the world know the Nexus One’s technical specifications but what does the HTC Desire pack?

Well aside from the slight difference in design the inside is pretty much the same as the Nexus One except for one important thing – RAM.

The HTC Desire has and extra 64MB (12% ) of memory to run all your favourite apps and programs. That may not sound like a lot but reports from Google Nexus One users who hacked their phone to give another 10MB RAM saw a big improvement.

Here’s the full spec from HTC:


Welcome Desire Fanatics!

February 24, 2010

This blog will be all about my journey with the HTC Desire mobile phone which is due to be released this April.

As I’m sure you are aware of the Google Nexus One; the HTC Desire is basically a pimped-out version of the phone with some slightly better hardware.

HTC Desire Mobile Phone

HTC Desire

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