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Cheapest UK price for the HTC Desire on Pay As You Go — £348.99!

March 31, 2010

Just browsing that Interweb thing when I came across the following:

Cheapest HTC Desire Price in the UK

Cheapest HTC Desire Price in the UK

Now, I’m not sure whether the phone would be locked to T-Mobile (it most likely is) but surely this is a complete steal?!

Can the HTC Desire be unlocked yet? I don’t know but it’s very tempting to get one of these just for when it can.

What’s more is the phone is apparently in stock (although you have to allow up to 3 working days for delivery)

Check out the deals on the Mobile Phones Direct website



A detailed HTC Desire review from UK T3 Magazine

March 31, 2010

T3 have published a more detailed review of the HTC Desire on their site. They have acknowledged that the Desire is an iPhone-beater (not killer because you can’t kill a phone that’s already sold millions can you?).

Here are a few snippets:

Right now, let’s put aside that dumb phrase “iPhone killer”. The fact that a phone is better than Apple’s all-conquering, landscape-changing, gadget-genre-inventing device doesn’t “kill” it, any more than Chelsea defeating Man United means that that particular football team is dispatched to the Araldite Glue League (Northern Area). But make no mistake: this phone is better than the iPhone.

As we mentioned, the Desire is one of the most powerful Android phones on offer, and it shows when you pick it up for the first time. It reacts to your slightest touch, slipping between home screens without a hint of slowdown, and allowing you to open multiple applications without destroying the user experience.



Vodafone announce HTC Desire release date: 8th April 2010

March 31, 2010
Vodafone Logo

Vodafone stocking the HTC Desire from 8th April 2010

Vodafone have finally confirmed the release date for the HTC Desire. On Thursday 8th April you’ll be able to skip on down to your local store and pick one up (even though they announced yesterday they would be stocking it from 2nd April).

It seems those who have pre-ordered might not actually get their phones until the 13th April however so if you want to make sure you get one on time, get yourself into your local Vodafone shop.

If you can’t be bothered to wait another 8 days for the phone then you can obviously still order it on the Vodafone network from Carphonewarehouse or somewhere similar.


Last chance to win 1 of 10 HTC Desire mobile phones!

March 30, 2010

I previously posted a link to the official countdown site to the launch of the HTC Desire. The site has seen a few updates since it last went live a few weeks back and it seems that everyone who pre-registers their interest will be entered into a free prize draw.

Desire Comp

Last chance to win a free HTC Desire

10 lucky people will find themselves the owner of a completely free HTC Desire so it’s definitely worth doing. You’ve got just over 24 hours to pre-register so make sure you do!


Funny Metro video hands-on of the HTC Desire

March 30, 2010

Couldn’t get the video to embed for some reason so here is the video I was talking about in my previous post.



Funny Metro newspaper review of the HTC Desire

March 30, 2010

Metro have published a surprisingly good review of the HTC Desire on their website. The only reason I’m surprised it’s good is because the Metro is a free paper in the UK that you get given to read on train journeys.

There’s also a hand-on video which is worth a look, I actually laughed out loud a few times whilst watching it – it’s nice to see someone review the phone and make funnies at the same time. Here’s a few of my favourite quotes:

You see there it’s got up the New York Times webpage, frankly uh, who wants to look at that? It’s a boring newspaper with lots of facts.


…which as far as I can tell is basically magic!


O2 speaks up – HTC Desire coming next month (April)

March 30, 2010

O2 has finally confirmed it’ll be releasing the HTC Desire this April as the phone appeared in the latest O2 Phone Catalogue.

O2 has been pretty quiet on the Desire front so far but it seems that it’s not afraid to publish the phone in its periodical mag.

O2 Phone Mag

O2 Phone Mag showing the HTC Desire

No word on pricing or tarrifs yet but they’ll be online soon hopefully either via the O2 website or through Carphonewarehouse.


Black HTC Desire exclusive to Orange customers this April

March 30, 2010

If you had your hopes set on getting the fancy black version of the HTC Desire then you’d better hope you’re an Orange customer.

Orange have struck a deal with HTC to be the only operator to offer the HTC Desire in black.

Apparently though you’ll have to wait until the end of April to get your hands on it…

More info here:


Vodafone now accepting pre-orders of the HTC Desire in the UK [Updated]

March 30, 2010

Vodafone are said to now be accepting pre-orders of the HTC Desire.

The Vodafone HTC Desire will come pre-loaded with the usual Vodafone gubbins – Vodafone 360 – giving customers access to services like Vodafone Music and MyWeb.

Although the Vodafone site has not been updated yet, you can order the phone through the Carphonewarehouse website.

[edit] The Vodafone store has now been updated and you can pre-order the phone from here

There are 87(?!) plans to choose from so check out which one is best for you.

Vodafone pre-order

Vodafone pre-order page is now online!


The Australian pub-review of the HTC Desire

March 28, 2010

Trust an Australian to take his just-delivered HTC Desire to the pub with him to review it. Actually it turns out that it was quite a good idea as he seems to have got a lot of other people’s opinions on the phone.

Whether these people were drunk when he questioned them is not known. Whether he was drunk when he questioned them – probably.

Still, you’ve got yourself an interesting Sunday read ahead of you.


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