More on DivX on the HTC Desire

As reported previously, the HTC Desire will support DivX playback shortly after its release with a small Android update.

Also reported previously was that the HTC Desire will record in 720p (high definition).

DivX Logo

DivX support coming natively to the Desire

What I didn’t do was put 2 + 2 together as a report from has pointed out; the Desire will actually record its 720p videos with the DivX codec.

It’ll be interesting to see how the videos come out when the phone is finally released.


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15 Responses to “More on DivX on the HTC Desire”

  1. Si Says:

    Does this mean our videos will display the DivX logo that occurs on a lot of the other divx videos (encoded with the free encoder) or will they have a “pro” encoder natively?

    divx sucks these days anyway – why don’t they just support xvid and forget having to deal with divx licensing.

    I assume a device that can encode 720p has enough power to decode 720p… at what bitrate?

  2. Jon Says:

    I have no idea on bitrates but I can pretty much guarantee there will be no “DivX” logo on your recorded videos. I presume it is just used for compression more than anything else.

    Agreed, xvid is excellent but perhaps DivX offered/are in partnership with HTC?

  3. Si Says:

    DivX logo is often put on videos when encoded 😉 specially for the free ones that tend to be bundled. DivX do offer the pro codecs etc which don’t have this, I assume HTC would use something along these lines.

    If they wanted to licence something x264 would have been better, and more “modern”. And considering the power needed to encode DivX I would assume there is plenty for x264.

    x264 in MP4 or MKV would be ultimate win.

  4. Jon Says:

    Yes we’ve all downloaded the films that have the “free” DivX logo on 🙂

    Completely agree, H264 would be a better one to go for but I’m sure there’s a good reason to do otherwise 😉

    Who knows, if the power is there, this might be added at a later date…?

  5. Si Says:

    I’m not so worried – hopefully there will be decent media players for this along if not already, later.

    (I’ve no idea what it, android, plays natively anyway).

    Finally ordered my Desire today (on contract this time) – apparently in stock and should receive it the day after (too late ordering) – I find that surprising as other sites are having “stock issues” and say 7th April.

  6. Jon Says:

    It’s certainly not a deal-breaker for me either. I just love the phone.

    Can I be nosy and ask which deal/operator you went for?

  7. Si Says:

    Vodafone – recently was with o2 because their deals always suited me, but in this new location for the last 2 years the signal has been dire (suitable for SMS in a few places in the house). I’ve always said that if I’m at home I don’t need it… but now I want data more often, so I don’t have to keep switching to wifi points.

    I went for “Your Plan 75 + Mobile Internet + Passport” – 75min,250txt,500mb@£15/month + Phone@£200 (unlocked, unbranded etc).

    Currently on O2 £10/month “sim only” if I wanted data I would need to spend £15/month (t-mobile I think) so I calculated the tariff like this…

    Sim only + Phone: 24*15+370 = £730 (24months)

    Contract: 24*15+200 = £560 (24 months)

    Downside is I cannot change networks (easily) but I am banking on tariffs not to fall much at all (even then im not that worried).

    I tend to tell other people to avoid 24 month if possible, and I was looking for 18 myself but i’m not really that fussed @ £15/month

  8. Jon Says:

    Hmm looks like you’ve got a good deal there. I suppose it depends really on a person’s location as to which provider they’re with.

    Where I am, O2 has excellent coverage all-round – even 3G. Orange is flaky, T-Mobile is appalling and Vodafone is good but only for 2G.

    So for me, 3 was the best option – Mostly 3G coverage but when that falls it’ll connect up to the Orange network for 2G.

    I actually went as far as getting free SIMs from all the networks and testing the signal around my home and at work (yes I need to get out more 😉 ) just in case I needed to get the Desire on a different network.

    The tarriff I have with 3 is very good – £15/month for 75 mins, 3500 texts (yes thousand) and unlimited Internet. I previously paid just under £200 for my Nokia N97 on this current contract so I assume the Desire will be a similar price (as you have found out).

    Just gotta wait for 3 to release the damn phone! :s

  9. Si Says:

    Cheeky gits – apparently the phone was in stock, I thought it was dubious but couldn’t be worse than many others – got a message now to say its not in stock – although the site still says in stock – I’m going to give them a bit and complain if they don’t change it.

    Computers these days and people still cannot have accurate/fast stock information on the site? Rubbish, total total rubbish.

  10. Jon Says:

    Damn that’s frustrating! I feel for you if that makes you feel any better?! :p

  11. Si Says:

    Well weirdly my bank called up asking me to confirm an attempted card transaction for Carphone Warehouse (wasn’t with them directly, but it’s one of their sub companies).

    The email I got today said…
    “Rest assured that we will not charge your card for out of stock items until they are back in stock and ready for despatch.”

    So why on earth are they trying to charge me – I told the bank to decline any repeated attempts.

  12. Jon Says:

    Hmm that sounds a bit disconcerting :s

    Let’s hope the bank doesn’t decline the “proper” charge when they try to dispatch your phone.

    So you ordered from Carphone Warehouse and one of their sub-companies are charging you or vice versa?

  13. Si Says:

    I have a long issue with my bank regarding declining random and obscene chargers – airline tickets especially (I even managed to get them to give me the difference that it cost me to rebook some tickets! win!). I will tell them it’s okay when they get them in stock.

    The other way around.

    Where have you gotten yours?

  14. Si Says:

    chargers? I meant obscene rejections (or a better word).

  15. Jon Says:


    I’m with Lloyds and they just drop me a text when a “foreign” charge has occurred on my account. If I am expecting it or just brought something abroad then I ignore it.

    I suppose they’re only trying to protect you but I can see it’d get quite annoying.

    I actually haven’t got my Desire yet 😦 I’m umm’ing and ahh’ing about whether to change network, transfer my number or just buy a SIM free version. Haven’t decided yet because I really want to see what 3 will offer… I phone them every few days to see if they know when they’re getting it in but still no luck sadly… I suppose I can wait a few more weeks.. 😦

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