HTC Desire Offers More than the Google Nexus One has posted an article as to why they think the HTC Desire offers more than the Google Nexus One. I must admit, I agree with their points.

Take a look at how the HTC Desire is just better in every way.


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4 Responses to “HTC Desire Offers More than the Google Nexus One”

  1. Mark Says:

    I’m trying to decide which of these handsets I should go for.

    Does the HTC Desire have the ‘speech to text’ function that the Nexus One has?

    It’s not a deal-breaker but it sounds kinda cool!

    • Jon Says:

      Hi Mark, there are conflicting reports on whether the HTC Desire has a “speech to text” function. The official word is NO.

      However, as this is only a software issue. There is no reason that HTC couldn’t release an update for the phone to support it or perhaps even a 3rd party app could get it working…

      • Mark Says:

        Cheers Jon.

        Yep, I imagine it wouldn’t be long till someone created an app (or similar) to do this.

        I am leaning more towards the Desire. I use a lot of Google applications though (work and personal) so I wondered if there was any benefit in me getting a Google phone. I imagine most of the Google apps work on the Desire though, Gmail etc?

        This will be my first smartphone – I want to make sure I nail it first time! :]

  2. Jon Says:

    I’m sure the Nexus One will offer a more polished “built-in” Google expereince but I think software wise they will probably be pretty similar.

    The benefits of the Nexus One? Well, speech-to-text and noise cancellation.

    I suppose at the end of the day it’s down to personal preference (and possibly money).

    I am not tied down to Google’s “cloud” etc so I have no reason to go for the Nexus One. I have no expereince of either phone yet though(!) so can only offer my opinion 😉

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