New Android SDK allows iPhone-quality 3D games have posted an article about the newly released SDK (Software Developers Kit0 that Android have released to developers. The new kit allows more flexibility and access to OpenGL ES 2.0

Rayman 2

Games like Rayman 2 will now be possible on Android

So why is this good news? Read on…

Developers having accessing to these bits of OpenGL will allow them to create bigger and better looking games for your Android device. Obviously this will show off better on devices like the HTC Desire due to its bigger screen.

Here’s a snippet from the article:

OpenGL is used to make 2D and 3D graphics across a wide variety of platforms, and is an industry standard for 3D games. The iPhone can use OpenGL, hence why it has quite so many great-looking 3D games.

For Android, it will let developers use “vertex and fragment shader programs”, which will mean much better-looking games will start appearing on the Android Market within the next few months. Yipee.

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One Response to “New Android SDK allows iPhone-quality 3D games”

  1. Sangeetha S Says:

    Nice post, very intresting everyday you learn something new on internet lol

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