Opera Mini 5 for Android – why does this matter?

If you’re following the Android scene you’ll have heard that Opera have just released the ‘mini’ version of their browser for Android devices.

Opera Mini Logo

Opera Mini - Now available on Android

So why is this a good thing for Android? Android devices also come with a browser built-in after all. Well read on to find out.Opera Mini was available for Symbian so I’ve had quite a bit of experience of the browser and its capabilities.

So what does Opera Mini offer that the built-in browser doesn’t? Compression.

Opera’s Mini browser operates by receiving compressed data from the Opera servers to deliver a super speedy web browsing experience. This works and it works very well. You can be on a slow GPRS connection and still manage to browse websites without waiting more than a few seconds. Obviously this is great for when you’re out in the middle of no-where and need to check the football scores.

The only downside to Opera Mini is the fact it doesn’t support Flash content – it’s a Java app after all. This however doesn’t deter from the fact that Opera Mini is an amazing browser which will get you out of some seriously tight places where 3G coverage isn’t up to much.

Below is a rather boring video of Opera Mini 5 Beta 2 running on Android but it gives you a bit of an idea of how quick the browser works.



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2 Responses to “Opera Mini 5 for Android – why does this matter?”

  1. A.Y. Siu Says:

    Any idea how to make Opera Mini 5 the default browser? It doesn’t show up as a list of options after clearing the current defaults.

  2. Jon Says:

    I’m afraid there is no way of setting Opera Mini to be the default browser (see the link here: http://androidforums.com/support/6870-there-way-make-opera-default-browser.html )

    I assume if Opera release the full (and not Mini) version of the browser then you would be able to make it the default one on your phone.

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