HTC Desire vs Apple iPhone 3GS vs Nokia N900

This surely has to be the battle of the titans in the phone world? have posted an article where one of their staff has compared all three phones.

Most articles I’ve seen like this are normally biased towards a particular manufacturer or phone but I’d say that this is quite a fair comparison.

Read on for a few snippets:

In interface terms
The iPhone famously has the easiest smartphone interface in the land, but we’re often left hankering after more customisation, which is offered by Maemo and Android.

Both give you control over a handful of home screens, which you can populate with all sorts of neat little shortcuts and widgets. The sheer flexibility of Android wins out for us though, with so much additional potential offered in app form.

Desktop replacement apps let you completely change the way your phone works – you can even design your own interface with Sweeter Home. We’re not quite that ambitious, but it wins the HTC Desire lots of points.
Winner – HTC Desire

For web browsing
There’s fierce sword clashing going on here. The Apple iPhone offers a fantastic control interface, with pinch zooming still feeling better than anywhere else here. Gliding around web sites is a dream, and the virtual keyboard gets pretty close to a full Qwerty for typing in those web addresses. There’s one major boo-boo though – no flash support.

The Nokia N900 boasts full flash, which is still a rarity on mobile devices, but because of its resistive touchscreen, browsing is quite a different experience. No multitouch features and a less casual feel, thanks to the pressure you have to apply with your finger, start swaying the balance back in the Apple iPhone’s favour.

Enter the HTC Desire, offering the best of both worlds – sort of. It doesn’t have full flash, but its mobile version of Flash 10.1 is a good compromise. The superb capacitive touchscreen and multitouch functionality make casual browsing a joy too.
Winner – HTC Desire

I must say, coming from a complete lover of Nokia I can see that the writer does know what he’s talking about in the terms of things that Nokia devices offer their users. This is why I find the article quite a fair “test” when comparing all three phones.

Now I’d suggest reading the rest of the article to see how the Desire fared in other ways…



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4 Responses to “HTC Desire vs Apple iPhone 3GS vs Nokia N900”

  1. mobiledepot Says:

    nice and very informative writeup keep it up.

  2. TC Says:

    There is no pressure needed when using a resistive screen because you should use it with your fingernails, not your fingertips.

  3. Jon Says:

    @TC, you still have to apply some form of pressure when using a resistive touchscreen whether it’s a nail, finger or stylus – because that’s how the screens work.

  4. KenP Says:

    I see it this way … I can get Android on the N900 but maemo on the HTC desire? maybe not!

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