HTC Desire Camera Reviewed have posted a nice little review of the HTC Desire’s camera. The overall gist you get is that it’s a good little cam with some nice features but it’s still not going to replace a proper compact camera.

Shame really but I didn’t expect it to.

Here are a few snippets from the article:

Instead of depressing the photo button to get the sensor focused-in on the subject of your photo, you tap on-screen to focus on the object you pick. This makes composing shots ridiculously intuitive. Want to focus on something right at the edge of the scene rather than slap-bang in the middle? Easy, just tap on it.

The HTC Desire’s camera focus is quite quick, but the difficulty it has with more taxing surfaces, especially shiny ones, shows that it’s not quite good enough to replace a digicam for anything but casual photography.

Read the full article here



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2 Responses to “HTC Desire Camera Reviewed”

  1. michael Says:

    The camera sucks fat times, its like SHIT, no picts OK

  2. adam Says:

    It seems to me (new owner of a desire) that the real future of cameras on phones is not primarily for taking pictures but as another input device. Scanning AT codes and printed or even written text, or taking pictures of things like a menu, bus time-table or carpark number.
    Do others see this?

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