T-Mobile launch their HTC Desire price plans

The UK T-Mobile site now has price plans for the HTC Desire online so why not go ahead and take a look.

T-Mobile Price Plans

Plans start at just £10 a month for 24 months with the handset costing £164.99. Obviously you would want to go for a plan that includes unlimited Internet so be sure to get the plan that suits your needs.

Delivery is “within 7 days” so whether that means you’d get the phone this Friday 26th is anyone’s guess. This is however the date that T-Mobile have set for the ‘release’ of the Desire on their network.


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9 Responses to “T-Mobile launch their HTC Desire price plans”

  1. jason Says:

    I think every t mobile data plan has unlimited data capped at 1GB.

  2. jason Says:

    I think i might get the £10 plan

  3. Jon Says:

    I think most providers’ “fair use policy” is 1GB for mobile Internet. You’d be hard pushed to max that out however. I think I got to ~700MB once after streaming a lot of music and video over a month.

    I would go with the £10 a month but I am sadly with 3 so will have to wait another few weeks before I can get my hands on the phone.

    All good things comes to those who wait though..don’t they?

  4. dave Says:

    tmobile’s monthly (ie not sim-only) price plans are capped at 3gb if you’re getting an android phone.

  5. Jon Says:

    I stand corrected once again Dave 😉

  6. dave Says:

    🙂 I only know because I’m looking around for the best deal (sadly I’m locked into Orange for a couple of months so I have nothing but time…. to be honest, the Desire is looking so good I’m tempted to get one now and port my existing phone number over later…)

  7. Jon Says:

    Are you tempted to get one with T-Mobile then? I’ve actually seriously considered buying one out-right and sticking with my current tarrif on 3: 75 minutes, unlimited (3500) texts and unlimited Internet (1GB).

    When compared to an HTC Desire on T-Mobile for 18 months at £30 + £60 handset (£600 as you said previously) I would spent ~ £370 on the handset + £270 (£15 x 18 months) = £640. Not a huge difference really but obviously 75 minutes is a tiny bit restrictive although I don’t make a great deal of calls. Also, 3 has good 3G coverage in my area and when I go out of 3G rnage, 3 mobiles connect up to the Orange network for 2G coverage. (3 have an agreement with Orange obviously to provide better coverage)

  8. dave Says:

    I’ve never used 3. I know they’re famous for their good 3g coverage – but also for poor customer service and stupid things like gluing simcards into phones. Also, they’ve just announced they’re putting up their prices.

    Like you I don’t make a lot of calls, so I’d not go for the £600 one, but instead probably the 18 months at £20 per month, plus £129 for the phone. This is £489 overall, and gives you 300 mins/texts, 3gb of data and a `flexible booster` which you can use for stuff like unlimited texts, unlimited landline calls etc.

    Although it’s unlikely a normal user would get through 1gb in a month, let along 3, it’s useful to know what would happen if you did. I emailed o2 and they couldn’t tell me even what the limit was, but said once i’d used it up I could get a(nother) unlimited bolt-on – a ridiculous state of affairs. Virgin would charge an amazing £2 per meg. Also, most companies (including t-mobile) say you can’t use instant messaging, which is a nonsense, but i’ve done that before and they’ve either not noticed or not cared. But one of the networks (can’t remember which) say they’ll charge for that sort as it’s not included in the data. I have no idea why the networks are against IM – perhaps it requires not only an always on but an always-being-used connection which ties up their resources? Perhaps it competes with the chat-software which a lot of phones/networks have, but with no-one uses?

  9. Jon Says:

    I’ve never had a problem with their customer service to be honest. I know they don’t use English call centres but they have always been polite and reasonably knowledgeable…! Mind you, when I was with O2 I found their customer service pretty appalling. Wouldn’t go out their way for a 8 year loyal customer so they got ditched.

    How flexible is the ‘flexible’ booster then? I would need to have probably 800+ texts a month if I was to survive.

    When I was with O2 I was told the fair usage was 1GB but that could have changed now. That’s one of the things I like about 3 – free MSN etc. (not that I really use it though but it’s always there in emergencies.)

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