HTC Desire now available on Orange from The Carphone Warehouse

The Carphone Warehouse have just released deals for the HTC Desire on the Orange network.

Starting at £30 a month with 600 minutes, unlimited landline calls and 500 texts this is a surprise, early appearance from Orange.

Don’t forget you’ll need to add unlimited Internet to your bundle which will cost you another £7.50 a month. Thanks Carphone Warehouse.

Orange HTC

HTC Desire now available to order on the Orange network


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2 Responses to “HTC Desire now available on Orange from The Carphone Warehouse”

  1. dave Says:

    unlimited minutes? No, it’s 600 minutes. It’s landlines which are unlimited. it’s a 24 month contract, and you’ll have to pay an extra fiver if you want internet (they quoted me £7.50, but if that’s what you’ve been told…). That’s £840,

    Compared with tmobile, who’ll charge 18 months of £30 (which includes free landline calls and internet), plus £60 for the phone = £600. Plus tmobile has far better coverage, even in and around the london area. No contest, really.

  2. Jon Says:

    Ah sorry my bad, thanks for letting me know, I’ve edited the post to reflect this.

    Indeed T-Mobile have got that good offer on where the total comes to £600 over the 18 months. Sadly the T-Mobile coverage in my home town doesn’t go much beyond 2G… Good for those who don’t live in the countryside though 😉

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