7 reasons to NOT choose the HTC Evo 4G over the HTC Desire

Androidandme.com have posted a nice little article telling you why you should choose an HTC Evo 4G over a Google Nexus One.

That’s all very well for US users but what about us UK folk who probably won’t see 4G for another 5 years?

Well I’ve put together my comparison list for reasons NOT to choose the HTC Evo 4G over the HTC Desire. I will use the same comparisons that Androidandme but will use the Desire as the example phone rather than the Nexus One

1 & 2. First smartphone to support 4G WiMax and 4G Applications


HTC EVO 4G - do you really need one?

That’s great if you live in America and can connect to the Sprint operator. But what if you live in the UK and find it hard enough to get a 2G signal at times?! I get ecstatic when I get a 3G signal let alone 4G and when I do, how often is it helpful?

If however you happen to live on the island of Guernsey then you actually might get 4G by the end of 2010.

The applications to support 4G (YouTube, Qik and ESPN Mobile TV) are probably things you could live without. I know I’ve never felt like watching a whole 30 minute YouTube video on my phone – that’s much better suited to the big screen.

3. Larger 4.3 inch display

Do you really want your phone to be any wider than the HTC Desire? Any wider and your pocket will probably rip open causing your phone to fly out and smash into hundreds of pieces on the floor. Not good.

4. 720p HD video in/out

My last 2 Nokia phones had video out. It was always a great “feature to have” but how often did I actually use it? Probably twice and those two times I was actually on my own just seeing what it looked like. As nice as having HDMI out on your phone I really doubt you’ll find yourself using it. Why play movies off your phone when it’s too easy to just use the equipment that’s already plugged into your TV? – Xbox 360, PC, AppleTV, Sky HD box etc etc.

5. Dual cameras

Again, I had dual cameras on my last 2 Nokia phones. No one makes videos calls on their mobile in this country and the only time the front camera was activated was by accident when I pressed the shutter button by mistake.

6. 1GB of internal storage

I know you can currently only install apps to the internal storage of your Android device but a fix is on its way soon. Having more internal storage isn’t really going to sway me when I could just buy a 32GB micro-SD card and put all my music etc onto there.

7. Built in tethering for 8 devices

A nice “fad” feature which again, you’ll probably never use. Seeing as there is no 4G network over here anyway, you would be sharing your 3G connection with up to 8 devices which could prove pretty slow. Why would you want to use up your whole fair use data plan of 1GB in 2 minutes anyway?

I think it’s safe to say that the HTC Evo 4G is not for me. What do you think?


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3 Responses to “7 reasons to NOT choose the HTC Evo 4G over the HTC Desire”

  1. Krystal Says:

    Well, it looks to me that you are just mad that the Evo 4g is better than any phone to date. You should acknowledge the fact that this phone is evolutionary. Just because you dont use all the apps availble on your phone does not mean that others may not find these apps useful. Looks to me like you should find better reason to hate the Evo 4G. Do you even have Sprint? You are talking about phones like nokia. Nokia is so 20th Century. I think you need an upgrade.

  2. Jon Says:

    Krystal, if you’ve been following my blog you will see that I openly want to upgrade from my Nokia “20th century” phone.

    I don’t have Sprint because I don’t live in the US hence the need for me not to buy the phone. I was merely comparing the Evo (which yes, is an excellent phone) to the Desire and why I personally wouldn’t need to buy one – not having 4G over here is a good start.

    Wouldn’t be much of a HTC Desire “fanatics” website if I was going to start covering and supporting other phones now would it? 😉

  3. HTC EVO 4G – das HTC HD2 mit Android und HDMI - HTC EVO 4G, HTC Supersonic, HTC HD2, HTC HD3, HTC HD4 - 24mobile Handy Blog für Handys und Handyverträge Says:

    […] Das HTC EVO 4G (übrigens ehemals bekannt als HTC Supersonic) wird aufgrund genutzten Mobilfunkstandards WiMax (dies bezeichnet 4G) nicht in Deutschland geben. Doch wird sind überzeugt, dass HTC dieses neue Super-Smartphone auch in Deutschland veröffentlichen wird mit entsprechend passender Netzunterstützung. Bis dies der Fall ist, können wir Ihnen fast vorbehaltlos das ebenfalls sehr gute HTC HD2 empfehlen. Bis auf den vergleichsweise schwachen Akku gibt es an diesem Smartphone eigentlich nichts auszusetzen. Sie finden es bei uns im 24mobile Shop. Das HTC EVO 4G erscheint übrigens (als iPhone 4G Konkurrent) im Sommer 2010 in den USA. Die Fans des Modells HTC Desire haben jetzt schon 7 Gründe, lieber das Desire anstatt des HTC EVO 4G zu nehmen gefunden auf desirefanatics.wordpress.com. […]

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