Why I [Clare Hopping] hate the iPhone

Clare Hopping has been venting her spleen on KnowYourMobile.com about the reasons she hates the iPhone. I know it’s not exaclty Desire-related but it did make me chuckle. All the things she wants in a mobile are quite clearly available on the HTC Desire so maybe she should make the switch..?

Here’s an extract of one of the quite simple tasks a phone should be able to do:

Make phone calls work
It’s not just the fact that my iPhone never has coverage, despite both my iPhone and BlackBerry Bold 9700 being on O2, it’s also that making and taking calls isn’t as easy as just pressing a button to perform the desired function.

You make a call, talk to a friend and then hang up. With the iPhone, you make a call, talk to your friend, have to remove the phone from your face and wait a second before the proximity sensor realises you no longer have the phone stuck to your face so you can hangup.

If you’re too fast to press the end button, it switches to speaker phone.

Another irritation is when you receive a text message while on a call, you’ll have to read it or at least select it before you can terminate the call.

Click here to read the rest of the article


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