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HTC Desire delayed on the O2 network

April 29, 2010
HTC Desire Small

You're gonna have to wait a bit longer if you're on O2

I do pitty those poor O2 customers. O2 have announced on their blog that the phone will not be available until at least mid-May.

Originally planned for a late April release, it seems they’re just too busy to get the phone out to their customers:

“Unfortunately the testing we carry out to make sure the phone’s ready for launch has taken longer than we had hoped, meaning we won’t be able to launch it at the end of April like we originally planned.”

A pretty poor excuse if you ask me. Either they’ve been too busy playing with the phone because it’s so good that they forgot to get it ready for their customers or maybe the ash cloud has had a knock-on effect?


HTC Desire DOES NOT come with a Gorilla Glass screen

April 28, 2010
Gorilla Glass

Gorilla Glass

I’ve just had confirmation from HTC that the HTC Desire doesn’t utilise the Gorilla Glass technology in its AMOLED screen.

So the rumours were false and we do all need to be extra careful not to get our screens damaged as they are not as strong as you may have first thought.

Here’s my response below:

Dear Jon Thank you for contacting us. In regards to HTC Desire, I can help you with the confirmation that this device doesn’t use use Gorilla glass type but just standard glass prepared for AMOLED capacitive touch screen. I trust that this resolves your query, please do not hesitate to contact us again if required. Best regards, Pedro S. HTC

[Update 09/06/11 Due to the recent comments on this article with links saying the Desire DOES come with a Gorilla Glass screen I decided to contact HTC again and see if they could elaborate on these findings.

This was my response:

Dear Jon ,

Thank you for contacting HTC.

We unfortunately have no official information to disclose if the glass that is in htc desire is Gorilla Glass or nott.

To send a reply to this message or let me know I have successfully answered your question log in to our ContactUs site using your email address and your ticket number.



So HTC won’t comment on this now. Is it possible some phones did come with the Gorilla Glass and some shipped without? Perhaps when the AMOLED screens were in short supply HTC changed something in manufacturing? I’m afraid this case is unsolved!
[Update 8/11/2011]

It has come to my attention that some people don’t believe these messages from HTC are real. I can’t say whether the original HTC Desire does or doesn’t come with Gorilla Glass due to conflicting reports from HTC and other websites – I can however put in a screenshot to prove, as best I can, that these messages from HTC were real. I don’t have the original e-mail from Pedro anymore sadly but I do still have the one from Antonio:

Gorilla Glass e-mail from HTC

Click to enlarge

The £1.49 HTC Desire screen protector test

April 26, 2010

Seeing as I couldn’t get hold of one of the nice expensive Martin Fields screen protectors for my Desire (that poor volcano was blamed yet again), I decided to just get one on the screen to bide me by ’til the expensive ones come into stock.

I opted for the cheapest one I could possibly find. To my surprise however – it’s quite good!

Read on to find out more…! (more…)

Facebook app for Android updated to v1.2

April 26, 2010
BARCODE - Facebook 1.2

Scan here to download*

Just a heads-up for those Facebook-obsessed out there. The Android Facebook app has been updated and now includes Messages from within the app. If you ever used the old version you’ll know how annoying it was to see you had been sent a message but were then taken to the website to read it.

Anyway that’s all been done away with now and you can now compose, read and delete your messages from within the app.

Much better.

The general interface and layout has also been improved. You’ll notice a much more ‘solid’ look and feel to the app and I think you’ll be able to happily use this for updates and messages rather than the Facebook website now. If you want to play all those farming and pet games however then you’ll still need your browser.

[The reason I’ve posted this is because you won’t receive the update notification through the Market because this is an app that was already installed on your phone when you received it so the Market won’t check it.]

*If you don’t have the Barcode Scanner app then search for it in the Market to be able to scan codes like this


Official reason Google Earth isn’t showing for the HTC Desire in the Android Market

April 26, 2010

Google Earth IconOK, so here’s the official word from HTC themselves as to why Google Earth currently isn’t appearing in the Market:

“Dear Andrew The explanation we have been given is that for all new ROMS released we have to supply Google with a “fingerprint” that identifies the ROM and this needs to be updated in their database with compatibility info and such so that the correct apps can be shown. Such as the market filtering out incompatible apps. We do supply these before relaese of all our ROM’s and devices however we have no say over how long it takes for Google to update their database. Best regards, Bjorn D HTC”

I found this quote from the Google Support website where there are direct links to the application which you can use in the meantime while we wait for Google to update their database. I’m sure it won’t be too much longer but I don’t know why it has taken this long already.

So, if you are that desperate to get Google Earth running on your Desire then follow this link:


Copy protected apps now available in the Android Market

April 24, 2010
Android Market

Android Market, getting bigger every month...

I’m not sure if someone has just flicked a switch or something but it seems that copy protected apps are now showing up on my HTC Desire. I still have the stock T-Mobile rom but I can now search and install apps that were previously unavailable – Gem Miner: Dig Deeper being the best example.

There is a good way to test if your phone can browse copy protected apps in the Market too. Simply do a search for copy protection test and see what results you get. If you see an app called TopMarket Test – Copy Protected by TopiXoft then you too can now enjoy the copy protected apps in the Market.

Other notable now apps appearing are HOME RUN BATTLE 3D, Battle For Mars and Jewelllust

I still can’t find Google Earth however so we’re not quite there yet in terms of full compatibility but I’ll be happy now I’ve got some more apps to play with.


Another HTC Desire firmware update on the way?

April 22, 2010

[Edit] 23/04/10 It seems this problem may be with certain apps that have copy-protection enabled (why all developers wouldn’t do this I don’t know). I don’t know of apps which aren’t showing up but it’s possibly what I saw a few weeks back when trying to find the full version of Gem Miner: Dig Deeper. [/Edit]

HTC have just released a firmware update (FOTA) for the HTC Legend which fixes problems between the Android Market and the phone’s camera.

Strange I know but apparently a lot of people have had this problem. Apps like Myspace Mobile and Barcode scanner were apparently not appearing on people’s Legends (and some say Desires).

I personally like to think I’m too old to worry about a Myspace app but the Barcode Reader is actually quite useful – both apps show up on my Desire btw.

Anyway, HTC will be sending the update out to Legend users as I type so look out for version 1.31.405.4. For more info, check out the HTC support website.

Android Market problem on the Legend

Android Market problem on the Legend - does your Desire have the same problem?


Adobe tells developers to develop for Android

April 21, 2010
Apple Adobe

Battle of the big-A's

The whole Apple-Adobe war that’s been raging on has now come to a close. Adobe have told their Flash developers to concentrate their efforts on Android and leave Apple’s iPhone in the bin. Here is a quote from an unknown source:

We suggest you concentrate your efforts on the Android platform and leave Apple’s iPhone in the bin

OK so I just made that up but you get the idea.

This can only mean good things for Android. Flash, although Apple don’t want to admit it, plays a bit part on many websites (especially game websites) so the fact.

Apple have always been a bit funny about Flash on all of their devices.

Here is an actual quote form Principal Project Manager at Flash, Mike Chambers:

“We will still be shipping the ability to target the iPhone and iPad in Flash CS5. However, we are not currently planning any additional investments in that feature,” Mike says. In the post, he also criticizes Apple’s treatment of developers. “If you want to develop for the iPhone you have to be prepared for Apple to reject or restrict your development at anytime, and for seemingly any reason.”

Google Maps UK Navigation now live and official

April 21, 2010

I think this has actually been out for a couple of days now I think about it but I’ll get onto that later.

All you need to know now is that version 4.11 (4156) does now support turn by turn Navigation on your HTC Desire.

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Volcano delays the HTC Desire for 3 UK customers…

April 19, 2010

…and I don’t mean three people living in the UK. I’m talking about the mobile network 3. have pointed out that 3 are actually blaming the volcano in Iceland for not having enough handsets for their customers for the launch tomorrow.

Here is the hilarious quote from the 3 Blog:

Our original plan was that further deliveries were due this week. But as a result of the ash cloud that has been causing problems all weekend, the deliveries that we were expecting from HTC’s manufacturers in Asia have not arrived. They are unlikely to until the chaos subsides

I probably shouldn’t laugh or find this funny but I can’t help it. Obviously it’d be a different story if I was still a 3 customer because of the “50” stores that will have “some” handsets in for the launch day tomorrow, not one of them is anywhere near close to where I live.

Click here to read the rest of EuroDroid’s article and chuckle a bit more

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