Best Easter HTC Desire Deal: Total cost of ownership £369 over 24 months

Crumbs this really has to be the best deal available currently for the HTC Desire in the UK.

Here’s the deal with T-Mobile:

24 month contract @ £10 a month = £240
Handset cost £164

Total = £404 (effectively £16.83 a month)
Total if going through (get £35 off) = £369 (effectively £15.38)

This tariff includes:
100 minutes
100 texts
Unlimited Internet (3GB cap)
+ Free Booster (a bolt-on style add-on for your tariff) Choose from:

T-Mobile Boosters

T-Mobile Boosters

So I personally would go for unlimited texts on this one.

I don’t think there is anything better than that. Please prove me wrong though!



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9 Responses to “Best Easter HTC Desire Deal: Total cost of ownership £369 over 24 months”

  1. Mike Pegg Says:

    It is the cheapest deal, no doubting that. I however went for the £15 a month deal getting 200 more minutes. Depends on your use though 🙂

  2. Si Says:

    This is better than my Vodafone deal – I need to check T-Mobile but I might just go for this instead – better internet cap too.

    (Luckily my previous order was denied because of bank/stock).

    Thanks :p

  3. Si Says:

    Bugger it – thanks mate! Just saved me £191 over 2 years 🙂 (Assuming the cashback works…)

    250 txt –> 100 txt
    75 min –> 100 min
    500mb –> 3gb
    +Booster (Euro Talk for now).

    🙂 3G isn’t the best here but it’s the same for Vodafone.

  4. Si Says:

    I thought I would get £35 cashback – just got the (Pending) notification on TopCashBack – £40!

  5. Jon Says:

    Great news – split your saving 50/50 and we’ll both be happy 😉

    I’ve just tried phoning my local T-Mobile and they literally sold their last Desire 20 minutes ago!! The next 2 nearest stores don’t have any in stock either..

    Might have to wait til next week now 😦

  6. Jon Says:

    BINGO! Found the last one within a 50 mile radius of me! Reserved so I can pick up tomorrow!! 😀

    Probably won’t sleep tonight 🙂

  7. Si Says:

    Getting it tomorrow is worth losing the £40 cashback? :p

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