Getting my HTC Desire TOMORROW!

OK so I’m a bit over excited but I have just managed to reserve possibly the last HTC Desire within a 2 hour drive of where I live.

Picking it up tomorrow and will be ready to review and abuse it over Easter.

No sleep for me tonight. I might even get up extra early tomorrow so I can be there when they open the shop at 9am.

Nothing can stop me now, not a car breakdown, a bullet wound or even small natural disaster.

Oh and out of interest, I have opted for my good find where the total cost of owning the phone will be £369 over 24 months.


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4 Responses to “Getting my HTC Desire TOMORROW!”

  1. Barwin Says:

    Lucky you! Looking forward to your review. Have fun! (while I’ll wait anxiously for another week 😦 )

  2. Truth Says:

    I got one last Sat from T-Mobile, it’s amazing!!

  3. Truth Says:

    Oh BTW I recommend downloading:-

    ‘Quick Settings’ – Allows you to quickly adjust brightness, turn bluetooth/wifi etc on off

    ‘SMS Popup’ – Recieve a popup whenever an sms arrives, even when in another application and you can reply from within the popup too

    ‘SMS Backup’ – Backs up your sent and recieved sms messages to your gmail account and they appear like email conversations. You can set it to be ‘marked as read’ automatically so you don’t get email notifications from them.

    All are free in the market place!

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