Still waiting to get your HTC Desire? Get some [screen] protection in…

We’ve all been there: ordered a nice shiny new phone and then managed to scratch the screen within the first week. You then have a blind panic, feel like crying and slump over to eBay to order some screen protectors.

So here’s a thought: why not order your screen protectors now? You know you always go for the cheapest ones that come from China/Taiwan so if you order them now then they might actually be here by the time you get your phone. Thus you can avoid damaging your 3.7 incher (screen you filthy person) and be as happy as Larry.

ShareThe best deal I’ve found is on eBay (of course) and you get 6 screen protectors for £2.49 delivered. They come from Germany and shipping is apparently 2-5 days which isn’t bad if like me, you’ve probably got to wait another 2 weeks to get your phone.

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11 Responses to “Still waiting to get your HTC Desire? Get some [screen] protection in…”



    I dont gonna use a screenprotector on my Desire because it comes with the higly durable gorilla-glass specs. For more info follow the link below

  2. Jon Says:

    Ah very interesting, it sounds like it’s very durable then but I’m still not sure whether to risk it(!).

    The article seems to describe it being hard to actually crack and break the screen so it can “tolerate” deeper scratches – not necessarily resist them? (please prove me wrong because I want to believe it!)

    I remember when I was looking at getting my Nokia N97, I watched this video: and apparently the screen was pretty much un-scratchable… not so as I found out when a hairline scratch appeared from nowhere. Take a look at that video from about 2 minutes and prepare yourself to cringe as they scratch the screen with a key!

    So basically yes – I hope the “gorilla-glass” does its stuff and stops scratches but I think I might get the protectors *just* in case 😉

  3. Barwin Says:

    @ENDOSKELLETONT800: Where does it say that the Desire will be coming with Gorilla-glass? Let me know cause this would make it even a greater device then it already is!
    For now I’m gonna buy me a couple of those protectors…


    This video demonstrates the flexibility of the gorilla glass screen ..

  5. Si Says:

    I’ll do what everyone else does – leave the shipping protector on for a few months :p

    I might have ordered some – but paypal in Germany requires cards to be signed up – rather than “paypal optional”.

  6. Jon Says:

    @ENDOSKELLETONT800 Looks like impressive stuff. As Barwin says, is there some document stating the Desire comes with the gorilla glass?

  7. Truth Says:

    Hehe don’t fall for the marketing, why would you put a <1mm thin piece of cheap plastic over a hardened glass screen? There's no need!!

  8. hsniper Says:

    i got my desire yesterday and i accidentally dropped it the next day! >_< glass cracked in the top left hand corner. what's this gorilla glass nonsense.

    • Jon Says:

      OH GOD!!! Do you have an pics? Do you have accidental damage insurance?? Might be worth considering if you’ve got the phone for a couple of years…

      I’ve been EXTRA careful with my Desire – hey, on the morning I went to pick it up I dropped my N97 on a concrete carpark before I even got in the car!! x@

  9. tigervyh Says:

    Ya, anybody with any confirmation of the gorilla glass for Desire? I pretty certain that Nexus One comes with it, but so far haven’t found anywhere about anything regarding Gorilla glass for Desire… ENDOSKELLETONT800?

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