A weekend with my HTC Desire

So I’ve had a few days with my Desire now and thought I’d let you know my initial thought – it’s quite simply AMAZING! It’s most definitely the best phone I have ever used and it’s literally the best phone in the world currently.

So what’s not to be happy about?

From the first few minutes of turning on the phone I was “wowed”. I will try and get a full review written by the end of the week when I have had time to try out all the phone’s features (there are so many I haven’t got through them all yet – that and the fact I ate so much chocolate at the weekend I could barely move).

So watch this space for my “expert” review and I’ll keep you up to date with the latest Desire news too.



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2 Responses to “A weekend with my HTC Desire”

  1. Truth Says:

    It’s great isn’t it? This is the first AMOLED, OLED or LED backlit device/monitor I’ve owned and I was really struck by the screen quality. The high resolution stock pictures look like real, physical photos on a lightboard than a digital screen.

  2. Jon Says:

    Sorry Truth, your message was found in the spam folder…

    Yes, the screen is stunning. I have an LED lit MacBook which is also beautiful but have never experienced it on a smaller hand-held device.

    Flicking through the random selection of stock photos is certainly a good way to show it off to potential buyers 😉

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