Android Market doing great – 9000+ apps added in March

Browsing the Android Market is now an everyday task for me. I love to check out the latest Apps and Games available so it’s good to hear how the popularity of the Market it growing.

In March, a staggering 9,329 new applications were added which is a pretty impressive figure.


Market Growth March 2010

Android Market Growth in March 2010

So far we’ve had 1614 in April and we’re only part-way through. Will we have another bumper month?

All these details come from and you can also view apps released by country.

Here’s the UK statistics:

UK Market Growth March

Who said graphs were boring?

Obviously not all 9000+ applications will be good, in fact, I’m sure most will be complete rubbish just like the iPhone but it’s good to see more interest from developers which’ll hopefully start bringing in the big-boy developers.


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6 Responses to “Android Market doing great – 9000+ apps added in March”

  1. Si Says:

    I just want to start developing myself – the SDK is brilliant but don’t want to work just with an emulator, problem is… almost anything you could want is already out there.


  2. Truth Says:

    Grrr Peggle for Android was supposed to be ready by now! As soon as that comes out there will be literally nothing in the iPhone App store that I’ll be jealous of.

  3. Jon Says:

    @Si, I’d love to develop my own stuff for Android too but that would involve knowing how to program. The most I’ve done is in RealBasic so I’m a long way off!

    @Truth Do you have confirmation from PopCap that Peggle is on it’s way to Android? I agree if this would be amazing. I’d also like to see Plants Vs Zombies on Android…

  4. Truth Says:

    Does anyone know if the HTC CR G300 dock/cradle is compatible with the HTC Desire?

  5. Truth Says:

    ^oops that was supposed to be in the car dock post.

    This article says that Peggle was supposed to be release for Android in May 2009 😦 –

  6. Jon Says:

    Wow that sucks.. I might contact PopCap (again) and see what’s going on. Maybe if I keep bugging them they’ll actually tell me what’s going on.

    Interestingly enough though they’ve already made their Plants Vs Zombies game available for the iPad so they’ve obviously got their priorities wrong… 😉

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