HTC Desire (Nexus One) Car Mount/Dock

Google have unveiled their official car dock for the Nexus One. Coming in at an amazingly excessive Β£55.91 $55 [sorry didn’t convert properly] you’re possibly better off getting something else.

Nexus One Car Dock

Nexus One Car Dock - How much?!

I myself have got something similar to the picture below which I brought for my N97. It’s definitely the best car mount I’ve brought and does not vibrate when I’m driving around. I was very pleased to find my HTC Desire fits it snugly so I can place it in when I go for a long drive.


My N97 car mount


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17 Responses to “HTC Desire (Nexus One) Car Mount/Dock”

  1. Si Says:

    You have to remember this is an active dock, rather than passive.

    But yes yes, this is stupid – I was looking at the N1 before I saw the HTC-D.

    I do like the way the N1 knows it’s in the car dock so goes into “car mode”, hopefully this kind of feature set shouldn’t be far off in any android phone.

    As for your windscreen mount, I hate them – I prefer to use the mount that goes down the side of your stereo (I made my own!) and then you have a rigid mount – just a lot of effort I still have my N95 mount in there but own a N96 :p

    If you see any nice, dumb or other wise desktop docks for cheap let us know I want one for work, home desk, bedside table etc etc :p (and car of course, but not a generic).

    btw – do you know if your t-mobile unit is locked? (branding?)

  2. Truth Says:

    Does anyone know if the HTC CR G300 dock/cradle is compatible with the HTC Desire?

  3. Jon Says:

    @Si, Granted, the dock does more than just hold the phone and it’s always nice to have something made by the company that made the phone to accompany it. I suppose it’ll be of more use to Nexus users rather than us Desirers (is that a word?)

    I know what you mean about the windscreen mount. The one I got has quite a short stem so it doesn’t stick out like the picture shows. I’ve tried the vent mounts too but they weren’t stable enough. What are the ‘goes down the side of your stereo’ mounts? Are they just custom-made ones by yourself? πŸ˜‰

    I am on the lookout for desktop docks too as I also need one for work/home/bedside etc so will be sure to post on here when I find one.

    My Desire is branded and locked to T-Mobile yes – I did try my 3 SIM in it. The only T-Mobile software I can find on it however is the startup logo…all the other apps etc installed seem to be generic so I’m quite happy with it. There is no horrible T-Mobile logo physically on the phone either which is also a major plus.

    @Truth, the dock you mention which is compatible with the HTC Touch is probably a little bit too small.

    The Touch’s dimensions are: 99.9 x 58 x 13.9

    Whereas the Desire’s are: 119Γ—60Γ—11.9

    There’s only 2mm in it but I don’t want to blow Β£30 on it just in case (even though it looks pretty nice!)

  4. Jonathan Mallett Says:

    Hey i found this desk mount it should fit the Desire as it fits the Nexus One.

    more desk mounts on here, some of which fit the HD2 soshould easily fit the desire.|utmcsr%3Dgoogle|utmctr%3DHTC%20CR%20G300%20dock|utmcmd%3Dorganic&__utmb=21477817&keywords=HTC&categories_id=1593&sort=3d&page=1

  5. Jon Says:

    Good find! I just wonder how it charges the Nexus One – does it do it via USB or through the “dock connectors” on the bottom of the phone…?

  6. Jonathan Mallett Says:

    i think it uses micro USB cos it does syncing too dunno if the dock connectors allow for syncing with the /n1. Not sure tho will have to email and ask i guess

  7. Jon Says:

    Good point. It’s only to pre-order currently anyway but it’d be worth knowing just for reference πŸ™‚

    At this price I could get 4!

  8. Matt Says:

    Below is a link to a Youtube video that shows someone using the HTC Desire in an Iphone car dock made by Arkon:

    Here’s the Arkon product page:

    Having watched this video, I’ve purchased an Arkon dock and I’ll try to let you all know how much of a compatability it provides.

    I’ve measured my Desire to a colleagues iPhone and their dimensions are so similar, it does indeed look like it will fit.

  9. Andy Stewart Says:

    Hi Jon,

    I could be wrong here, but doesn’t the nexus one have a special dock port on the bottom that the desire doesn’t have? I seem to remember this mentioned in a Desire review on The Register.

    Am also interested in a car dock, but would need to watch out that they are compatible.

    Also, have pre-ordered a desk dock from for the desire, will let you know how I get on πŸ™‚

  10. Jon Says:

    Andy, yes it does indeed have special dock “pins” on the bottom but it also has the standard micro USB connector too (so it can charge via either)

    Yes, do keep me updated on how the desk stand goes, will order one myself if it passed ‘the test’… πŸ˜‰

  11. Si Says:


    No physical branding, nice one πŸ™‚

    Software wise, since it’s Android I am just going to go for a community “firmware”, or the standard HTC firmware, there is no reason you cannot just run it and avoid the manufacturer firmware delay whilst keeping the HTC’s Sense UI.

    The Stereo mount – I got idea from a commercial unit. Standard ISO mount has specific fittings in specific places, for both “slot” in and screw on bracks. The commercial one slid in between the stereo and it’s mounting cage, protrudes at the front and has a bend, on that bend can be mounted your phone mount.

    So, I pulled my stereo out – it has screw mounted brackets… bent a thin piece of ally where I wanted and mounted an “active” N95 slot in holder and wired it up down the gap at the side of my stereo – sorted!

    So I will be looking for a “brodit” style “active” (with the charging pins at the base) holder to “mod” into my car – it’s a hard/ridgid mount without having to drill the car – I think more people would try it if they knew it existed.

    (I will try to find link/pics).

  12. Si Says:

    Here is a bit of a link dump of the kind of thing I am talking about. – I think this one is supposed to go around the fascia.

    I could just get pics of mine – but I cannot find them on my PC :p (and I can’t be arsed to go outside).

  13. Si Says:

    I posted a post – with a load of links – I thought it works but it seems it has been dumped. It could easily be taken as spam though maybe.

    Anyways, I found the pic of mine when first installed –

    Hopefully it allows this link.

  14. Si Says:

    I posted a post – with a load of links – I thought it works but it seems it has been dumped. It could easily be taken as spam though maybe.

    Anyways, I found the pic of mine when first installed –

    Not the best pic really and has my old single din stereo (I have have a dual din one just to fill the space… with the video output in the N95 and N96 meant I could display the phone screen on the stereo :p)

    Hopefully it allows this link.

  15. Jon Says:

    Yeah sorry, your first post was marked as a dirty spammer πŸ˜‰

    Looks like a neat idea though. See what you mean about it being sturdy – it looks like you could hang off the thing!

    A bit jealous you got your N95/N96 running on your car stereo though…that’s the sort of thing I would have done if I didn’t have a cassette player in my car (I don’t really πŸ˜‰ )

    Do you use Ovi Maps for navigation? What’s it like having the phone down out of your line of sight? The main reason I have my phone mounted on the screen is because I use it for navigation. I’m not really that popular to get phone calls so I’m not too bothered about hands-free etc..

  16. Si Says:

    I don’t need GPS to navigate much – I tend to use directional skills πŸ˜‰

    But, on the N95 I used Tomtom for a bit (hassle without internal support, wasn’t buying it until they did so used the hack) then settled on Route66 (people assume if not tomtom, its rubbish – WRONG!).

    The N96 I couldn’t get r66 working and never bothered and I haven’t really “needed” it since but I have wanted it, I was trying with “Ovi” but they haven’t sorted out the free turn by turn for the 96 yet (why does it have to take time – just make the online shop = free FFSS!!!!!)

    Google maps are very nice and pretty – but I’m not relying on signal (or a data carrier) to get my maps.

    For Android – no idea yet – if there was a precache (for whole of UK at once, not just per route) for Google Maps I would use them, otherwise I have a few ideas on what I will try.

    I always mounted the N95 portrait, the holder wouldn’t let you slide the slider DOWN putting the screen into landscape – hence it would only display on the screen portrait (sucked a bit). Of course I would need to plug the wire into the side (top for 96) as the holder only does power.

    For the new phone I want to try and rely on it for GPS and Music – so I Will be looking at getting a “cheap” Bluetooth car stereo unit and playing the music from my phone. (Current stereo has an issue with starting from the 1st song and never remembering I want it to shuffle arse hats).

    You can see my old mag mount in the image, that worked the best imo – if you are willing to put the metal part on your phone (I didn’t mind after a few months, and after I checked I can get replacement backs, BUT it’s easy to get off and clean off). Even with my rock hard suspension it only ever came off once…

  17. mr nick griffin Says:

    Why is it always the yanks get all the fluffy phone accessories but the bits get jack poo why fluffy why or we get are junk accessories for very-bad-words hake

    [Had to edit this for language…try and keep it clean! – Jon]

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