HTC Desire software update next week for T-Mobile customers

T-Mobile have just confirmed that the recently released HTC Desire firmware update will be available to their customers as of next week.

There is still not a huge amount on what this update improves/fixes but T-Mobile are “working hard” to make sure the customers receive it without any problems:

HTC Desire OTA Update Information.
Posted: 26 minutes ago

T-Mobile recently launched the HTC Desire and the phone has been very well received by our customers. We are aware that HTC is planning to release a new software update and we are currently working with them to provide an ‘over the air’ update for customers with an earlier version. The update will happen in the coming week and we’ll keep you posted on any developments as and when we have them.

T-Mobile Forum Team.

It’s nice to see T-Mobile actively supporting the phone. I’ve had way too many experiences of waiting months for a firmware/software update to be made available by my network.

Good on you T-Mobile!



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6 Responses to “HTC Desire software update next week for T-Mobile customers”

  1. Si Says:

    Pah – I’m going to break the bonds of “network firmware” ASAP!

  2. Jon Says:

    I would do the same but I’m quite happy with how the phone is at the moment. Don’t want to lose my warranty too soon down the 24 month track…

  3. Si Says:

    You can always flash back, or “hope” they don’t notice – which they can’t exactly do other though.

    Phone support is dire anyway – better for community based online forums etc, hardware wise if its broken it’s broken how should they know.

    I know with the Nokia N phones they “know” when you switch it etc but that is mainly because they force you to use their update tools – I have no idea if T-Mobile will know with HTC phones (just need to look up the process for unlocking not even bothered before but I’m sure it’s easier than others… I hope… :p)

    Do you know if t-mobile have any items missing? It was common for networks to drop the VOIP apps from the Nokia Symbian phones for obvious reasons – whereas the vanilla builds retained it (and other apps).

  4. Jon Says:

    Oh god no, I’d never take my phone in for “support” from my network provider!

    Yes, I used to know my local Nokia repair man quite well and luckily, he would still repair phones for me under warranty even though they were debranded. At the end of the day the company still got paid by Nokia to do the repairs so it didn’t bother him. Like you say, they can tell by the product number you re-flash it to as to whether you’ve fiddled around with the phone.

    I seem to remember maybe bricking my N97 a few days after receiving it when trying to debrand it and update to the generic firmware but that’s another story…

    I don’t know if T-Mobile have removed or disabled any apps because I don’t really know what should and shouldn’t be on there seeing as it’s my first Android phone. I haven’t found a native SIP client but as far as I’m aware there isn’t one for Android?? I remember the SIP client being disabled on the N95/6/7 which was pretty annoying but as you know, it was east to get round.

  5. Si Says:

    It always made me wonder why any Nokia repair centre would turn down work, when essentially they are just “resellers” (I forgot the proper word!!).

    I’m sure someone could make a SIP supported app pretty easy, though if included it might even be included under another name.

    Does Google Voice support native SIP servers too? (maybe).

    Gah – need my phone.

    • Jon Says:

      No Google Voice doesn’t and it only works in the US anyway at the moment…

      There are plenty of free and paid SIP apps for Android so I’m sure you’ll find something to suit.

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