HTC Desire battery test day #2

Ok so if you saw my previous post today I am testing my phone out with all settings on.

I am also using the phone to tweet and update the blog to really put more strain on the battery.

09:00 100% full

10:00 87% remaining. The usual radio into work (which funny enough works brilliantly with the supplied ear phones. More on that in another post though). A few calls, tweets and texts so far.

11:00 79% juice. Seems like this might average out at about 10% an hour but we’ll see as the day goes on…

12:30 71%. Haven’t done a lot on the phone since the last update hence why it’s only used another 8%. Not doing as bad as I first thought it would!

13:10 61%. So half way through the day and I’m pretty much where I was at the end of the working day yesterday. Still quite impressed with the battery life.

14:00 48% remaining. Been browsing the web, e-mails and Market a lot over lunch.

15:40 34% left. Things are getting a bit more serious now. If I had to commute to work then I’d be worried about how much battery I’d have for the journey home.

17:00 26% Plenty left in her for some music on the walk home.

17:52 OK so I made it through the day with everything running on the phone. I’ve currently got 9% left so decided to stream some TV with BeebPlayer and see if I can get it down to 0%. The past two days have shown you really can use the phone however you like, you’ll always have enough juice at the end of the working day. Even with “all the bells and whistles” turned on the phone managed to last.

Impressive stuff Desire. Have a good weekend all.


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14 Responses to “HTC Desire battery test day #2”

  1. jtra Says:

    Can you test how long the Desire will last when not used extensively? You have shown that the Desire is capable of living through the busy day, but I wonder how long it will last when all the advanced and battery eating features are disabled except for occasional phone use. Will it last over a weekend then?

  2. shani Says:

    hey jon,

    Thanks for the posts on battery life, and this site in general… has been a great resource. Just wondered if you had any view on how the Desire compares to the iPhone. At the end of my contract now, so could get the Desire. Was also considering the iPhone, but after the details of OS4, was less than compelled by the new features.

    If you’ve had any experience of using the iPhone 3G or 3GS, would be great to hear your view on how the two compare, especially with regards stability, use, and overal functionality.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Truth Says:

    Wow your battery held out quite nicely!

    @shani In terms of hardware and core OS I would say that the Desire and Android are superior to the iPhone 3GS in every way, especially general usability. (You can’t even bluetooth someone a picture with the iPhone for God’s sake) Having an app switcher (hold down the home button) and multitasking also makes using the phone a lot faster. Though apparently Apple will be implenting something similar in OS 4.0.

    For calls, texts, emails and web browsing the Desire is better IMO. It all depends on how much use you would get out of Apple’s App Store and iTunes. Also there are more 3rd party accessories available for the iPhone. It is pretty stable to be fair but if you’ve got your eye on an iPhone you should at least wait till June because they will be announcing the new model/s.

  4. Jon Says:

    @ jtra Yes I certainly will test it over a weekend’s use. I can’t guarantee not to play around with the phone too much though as I’m still testing out all the features. I’m sure in a month or so I will be able to do what you’re suggesting a bit better.

    @shani I must agree with Truth about the iPhone. Although it is good in it’s way, the sheer speed of the Desire has left no question in my mind. I haven’t had an iPhone as my main phone but have played around with one for a few days. When I look back, although it was way better than my N97 (except multi-tasking), compared to the Desire it is very slow and juddery –this was most noticeable when searching the phonebook on the iPhone – as you typed it was slow to respond because it was searching through the addressbook. The same with texting, I text very quickly and sometimes the iPhone couldn’t keep up. Even the person I work with (who is an avid and loyal Apple fan) was very impressed with the Desire.

    I didn’t have a crash on the iPhone and I haven’t had one yet with the Desire so I can’t really compare that but with ease of use and overall function I honestly think you will grow to love the Desire.

  5. shani Says:

    @jon and @truth

    Thanks guys – good to hear a balanced view on this, without the normal Apple/Android fanboy fanaticism.

    Really appreciate the advice!!

  6. Jon Says:

    Not a problem – I’m coming from a Nokia background too so you know I’m not biased to any of the two systems – I do obviously prefer Android though 😉

  7. Ced Says:

    Great stuff Jon ,
    I love everything about this phone spec wise
    my top concerns in a new smartphone are really responsive touch , fast o/s and most of all good battery life.
    i go at my mp3 player on a nokia like 2-3 hrs everyday.. usually when travelling.. dont usually play around with the internet section of the phones.. so not much of an advanced user. Im just in love with the way this baby looks.. do you think the battery would last easily with 2-3 hrs of music ?

    • Jon Says:

      Thank you. Oh without a doubt, the phone would last no problem. The battery application I have says I currently have 2 hours 13 mins of “Audio Playback” and that’s with 28% of the battery remaining… At 100% it’s about 7 hours 30 mins.

      • En_A Says:

        Is that with 3G on or off? I came to the point of being scared to use it as music player as not to have myself with a dead phone before i reach home.

  8. Hayri Says:

    Hi John,

    I can not live the same experience with my HTC Desire. When i start to use it at 06:00 a.m, It finishes nearly at 06:00 p.m without using too much.

    I’ve just bought this device and charged it 3 times. I expect the battery life will be longer after a few full charging or am i wrong?

    Do you have any advice?

    Thanks in advance,

  9. En_A Says:

    Watch for the applications that run in the background. Download a task killer apps for that. Also, if you really need to stretch your day, consider off and on the 3G only when u need to be connected.

    weirdly I think camera apps dont eat the battery much, I was touring other country with 3G off and use it mainly as pocket camera, the battery still hv 80% after half day of extensive use. glad it did 🙂

  10. Liam Says:

    Hi all,

    I have both the iPhone 3G and the HTC desire. Although I enjoy the HTC’s functionality for texting etc and its amazing speed, I did find the iPhone’s battery lasts longer under the same use. When using the HTC desire intensively during a business day (bluetooth calling, frequent email updates), the phone usually lasts from 0600 am until about 3pm…

    All in all, I prefer the iPhone, also because of the number of apps, and will most likely go for the iPhone 4 when it comes out here in the Netherlands

  11. droid.Desire Says:

    Hi there..i got same problem with Desire’s battery also wont last for too long..and its kinda disapointing..i just bought it for 3 days..should i change the battery?or just let it connnected to the charger even it’s already full recharge for longer lasting?sorry for my poor english though..and thx for any info you would like to share with me..

  12. DannyMoFo1 Says:

    well can honestly say this is bollocks since my desire is dead by 12 on most days so u can’t be using it as much as possible. play the odd game on it browse the internet alot and thats mainly it, i have to take my charge into work coz i’m never sure if it will last.

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