New HTC Desire firmware next week – what does it fix?

Well I don’t know so I’m hoping one of you does instead!

T-Mobile are pushing out the update to fix the “software glitches” found on the HTC Desire. I have yet to find one in all honesty. Have you?

I welcome updates like the next person but am always fond of seeing what the update actually fixes before I apply it. I can’t be anything serious because I’m sure it would have been on the Interweb by now.



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16 Responses to “New HTC Desire firmware next week – what does it fix?”

  1. Jon Says:

    Possibly more to the point – what would you like it to fix (if anything)

  2. Si Says:

    “Invisible phone fix”


  3. Truth Says:

    I’ve had a problem using Google Earth, it doesn’t recognise my phone or something, also when trying to download the 2 free movie rentals from t-mobile it says that it’s ‘only for the HTC Desire’… which I’m using!

    • Jon Says:

      @Truth Hmm that’s interesting because I have yet to download my two free movies (which I only found out about after looking through the free T-Mobile magazine they put in my bag in the shop). Will try downloading something tonight and seeing if it plays…

      Glad Google EArth is now working for you ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Truth Says:

    Actually Google Earth works now after the .11 update…

  5. MrJaggy Says:

    I hope the “update” isn’t just to add T-Mobile branding to the phone, that will only serve to piss me off. It works perfectly well without it.

    • Jon Says:

      @MrJaggy, yeah they don’t need to add any more to the phone (T-Mobile). The bootup logo is more than enough branding for me although it could be a lot worse I suppose ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. zephirus Says:

    There is a problem with the sms system. If you put a special character (for example ‘รง’), the number of sms’s send becomes incorrect.

    • Jon Says:

      @zephirus Interesting, I suppose this is more of a problem for the non-English speaking people out there. Any other bugs you’ve noticed?

      • zephirus Says:

        I don’t have the desire yet. Arrives only tomorrow but yes, there is this problem and of course is important only if you need special characters.

    • Si Says:

      This is normal, because these characters are not part of the ASCII set etc, and you get 160 ASCII chars, when you use your char you start using UTF-8 which takes up a more space, around 3 chars each.

      This is normal and happens even on Symbian handsets (i’ve not used it on others but I am pretty sure it’s the same).

      Note: ASCII and UTF-8 – I think I may have gotten these wrong (Could be Unicode) but I am definitely correct in what I said bar the character types.

  7. r1se Says:

    anyone using vodafone desire?
    my contract with vodafone has expired, so I was calling them for the last 2 weeks for upgrade. they said desire was ran out.but i went to their local store, sales rep said if I order through their channel, it’d be guaranteed delivery by mon(12 apr) or tue.but still if u reach them by ph, they’ll say none in stock or run out.
    the truth is: vodafone did never got the desire yet or only very very limited number, they’ll get 13 april. just to allure customer, they said that their stock ran out…more coming tomorrow(or in a few days). bcoz, t-mobile already shipping the desire, so it was vodafone’s trick to keep the customer.
    is this update network specific or in general?

  8. dave Says:

    To be fair to vodafone, I think there’s something of an unexpected demand for the Desire that can’t be satisfied. I heard something different from Orange each time I phoned, and there’s still nothing about it on the website (even on the ‘coming soon’ section), but I’m assured mine will turn up tomorrow. Networks don’t want to be stuck with 10,000 phones they can’t shift so they’re slow to respond to new trends/devices. You can’t blame them, even if it is frustrating. The 13 April date sounds like the ‘middle of the month’ Orange quoted me…only for me to read about people receiving theirs; I phoned back and was told they’d have them for a couple of days, and the next person I spoke to told me they’d had them even longer than that, and had sold out of several small consignments. So in Oranges case it’s the exact opposite of alluring you into a deal! You have to fight to get one!

    • Jon Says:

      @dave, I wouldn’t really say it’s been an ‘unexpected demand’ seeing as this has been one of the most talked about phone of the year. I’m not blaming Vodafone however because I don’t know how they work. Obviously T-Mobile got in there quick with the “pre order” batch of phones so well done to them.

      @r1se All I can suggest is you keep on bugging them.

  9. FLOW Says:

    i have a small problem….i can’t find the ” ` ” character, it’s not ” ‘ “;
    the one i can’t find is from left to right …
    plz help

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