HTC Desire now £399.99 on

Play have finally reduced the price of the SIM free HTC Desire phone. You can now pick it up for a still-hefty. £399.99

This doesn’t beat DeviceWire’s £379.95 price tag however which is now currently the cheapest in the UK.


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11 Responses to “HTC Desire now £399.99 on”

  1. dave Says:

    Devicewire is currently charging £389.95 though, so there’s little in it. (I’ve actually heard of so for me it would be worth the extra tenner)

    • Jon Says:

      Well spotted, looks like I had a cache of the DeviceWire page – it’s also the price that Google Shopping shows so they’ve obviously only recently put the price up…

      If anyone does order through Play, go through Quidco first ( ) and you get 3.5% of which’ll save you about £16…

  2. Si Says:

    topcashback gives 8% on mobiles on

  3. Jonathan Mallett Says:

    Cheapest i found is clove. Handtec were cheapest until yesterday were they added £10 + vat to what was the best price i could find online. Getting a quote from Clove atm about delivery over to malta for multiple devices (3 desires and a legend hehe. not all for me just 1 desire).

  4. Si Says:

    Clove are £397.15 with postage – which isn’t the cheapest.

    • Jonathan Mallett Says:

      i’m shipping abroad so it all depends on overseas shipping for me 🙂 and i can’t apply for cashback here don’t think anyways.

    • Jonathan Mallett Says:

      Nope the we only got the magic about 2 months ago on vodafone … annoying place to live especially if you are a tech geek like myself hehe. Devicewire priceshave always been £389.95 on my side :S. It shows £379.95 when i search with Google shops then i click the link and its up to £389.95 hehe. I think i’m getting mine from clove… unfortunately i won’t full access (if at all) to the android market but i’ve found a couple of vids to get apks and how to install them :). Sorry devs but if its not available i can’t pay for it.

  5. Jonathan Mallett Says:

    Just checked device wire for Desire Delivery £43 + 15% VAT on each device!! what!?

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