HTC Desire is a sell-out

It seems supply cannot meet demand as far as the HTC Desire is concerned. Both T-Mobile and Vodafone are struggling to supply the handsets both in-store and online.

Frustrated customers are venting their spleens online about the companies fobbing them off with different excuses.

Very glad I managed to get mine while there were some left! 🙂

The other networks are yet to even have the phone on their websites so it’ll be interesting to see how they get on over the next week or so. Anyone received a Desire from Virgin Mobile?



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21 Responses to “HTC Desire is a sell-out”

  1. Barwin Says:

    Thank god I got it on time! Using it for almost a week now and I’m fairly sure that this is the best phone there is right now and in the (near) future. Even my colleage who is a real iPhone-addict had to admit my Desire is faster en looks slicker then his device

  2. Si Says:

    Mine was shipped today, w000

    Am I fussed it took this long? Not really…

  3. natguest Says:

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  4. r1se Says:

    Even Vodafone didn’t delivered my phone today which was ‘guaranteed’ by them! I ordered last Saturday. May be another week or so.

    • Si Says:

      Brilliant isn’t it – but what can you do now, it’s guaranteed isn’t it? Oh wait, you get nothing… making the guarantee worthless.

      If you have paid for delivery – request a refund of that.

      Generally though it would be “free” (included in the price) I’m sure.

      • r1se Says:

        yeah! I was free. the manager of that store said he’ll keep one for me when the store gets one. this morning only one desire they got & it was sold immediately. next morning if he receives another one, he wouldn’t sell it. but it wasn’t guranteed this time!

      • r1se Says:

        IT was free

    • Truth Says:

      I pre-ordered mine about 4 days before T-Mobile started shipping and was lucky enough to get it on the 1st Saturday.

      I understand there is high demand but the lies from certain carriers is just unacceptable.

    • Jon Says:

      Ouch that sucks…

  5. Barwin Says:

    I pre ordered mine a few days after it was announced on MWC this feb. Unlocked that is. But I’m glad I did. Sorry for those who have to waigel but trust me when I say it’s worth evert single second.

  6. Steve Muller Says:

    I was lucky enough to call T-Mobile on the Friday morning before general release (which was on the following Monday) and get them to dispatch it next day delivery for the Saturday – had one of the last left in stock so I got really lucky!

    Absolutely loving my Desire – the sim card hasn’t come out of it yet and when you consider that I’ve got a 3GS and an N900 that’s pretty special!

    • Jon Says:

      That’s pretty impressive. Goes to show it beats both the iPhone 3GS and Nokia N900 hands-down

      • Steve Muller Says:

        Well its not entirely as clear cut as that, each have their own strengths but I’m really enjoying the Desire right now. My biggest concern is the lack of diskspace for applications to be installed on. I think if they were to sort this out the android marketplace would see a lot more developers getting onboard.

      • Jon Says:

        Yes hopefully an update will fix the not-being-able-to-install-apps-to-sd-card problem. I’ve heard plenty of talk about it being on the way so let’s keep our fingers crossed…

  7. r1se Says:

    good news, vodafone got some stocks yesterday (14 Apr). I’ve got mine today. wow! undoubtedly the best phone in the market right now.

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