Can’t get paid apps from the Android Market in your country? I have the answer!

It can take a while for new services to roll out across the globe – take the Android Market for one. Every country has slightly different methods of payment, currencies and whatnot so it can take some time.

A comment from someone on the blog who cannot get paid apps in their country sparked some concern. Their solution which was obviously going be to install illegal versions of apps is a sad solution to this problem. This is what prompted me to write this article – because there is a solution – SlideME.


SlideME Home Menu

SlideME Home Menu

The solution was suggested to me when I contacted the developers of the excellent Gem Miner: Dig Deeper.

I had previously tried out the free version of Gem Miner (which I instantly fell in love with) and then set out to support the developer and buy the full version of the game. However, upon searching through the apps available to me, the full version was not showing up.

The reason for this seems to be down to a problem with the Android Market in which it checks the model and firmware version of your phone when browsing for apps/games. It’s quite probable that because the HTC Desire has only just come out that the Market that is is not currently “in the database” for certain apps and games – I can for example purchase other games/apps without a problem.

So anyway, how was I going to unlock the full Gem Miner game and access the ever more precious rocks and metals? My first step was to contact the developer. They replied in a timely fashion and suggested I install an application called “SlideME“.

SlideME is a free application similar to the Android Market but offers developers the chance to offer their hard work to hundreds of countries around the world offering multiple methods of payment. By multiple I mean literally every method you could think of.

Here is what SlideME say about themselves:

SlideME’s philosophy is simple: one Application Store can’t reach everyone, everywhere with the applications they want. We provide applications to these niche markets, based on geographic location, payment method or even types of applications that users can’t find in traditional channels. We open up these markets to developers, who can deliver and sell their applications globally.

Slide ME Browse

Browsing the apps is easy

SlideME is still small but more and more developers are making their applications available on it.

The application runs very smoothly and is as easy as the Market to use. I’ve had no problem browsing through it and more importantly – purchasing my full version of Gem Miner: Dig Deeper.

My next worry was about application updates. We all know the Market will let you know if there is an update available for one of your apps so does SlideME do the same? Well yes, as long as the developer updates the application in both places (Market and SlideME) then you will receive updates as normal.

Psym Mobile assured me they update their applications in both places when one becomes available so there shouldn’t be any problem there.

So there is no excuse not to pay for your apps and games people – support the developers and all the hard work they put in to making your life more fun and easier to get through.


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12 Responses to “Can’t get paid apps from the Android Market in your country? I have the answer!”

  1. Si Says:

    I hate this “restrict your device if it doesn’t exist by default” setup, it really does suck for smaller less popular devices.

    If it was just picking up the Android major.minor version, like 2.1 that wouldn’t be so bad – but to do this sucks monsters nuts.

    Although limiting via countries for payment is just the payment processor doesn’t have it setup for that country – it would be unfair to expect the marketplace to support EVERYWHERE, but it’s also unfair for the market place to only allow “one” processor – but luckily enough there are ways to pay via other methods.

  2. Jonathan Mallett Says:

    Thanks for this :). I’ll be getting it as soon as my desire arrives next week from clove šŸ™‚ :). I plan to develop apps too so it would suck if people just ripped my app and gave it to people to download full versions for free :). This is awesome just thanks. Its funny cos iTunes is supported here but not Android market yet.

    • Jon Says:

      Looks like you’re excited šŸ˜‰

      I would feel pretty bad if people ripped all my hard work off. The sad thing is, someone offered me a DVD full of apps and games last week – they even explained how easy it is to do and I didn’t want to hear any of it. For the sake of a few dollars or pence here and there it’s just not worth it.

    • Si Says:

      Just don’t do what the others do and put a demo/trial app in the Free section without putting Trial or Demo in the title šŸ˜¦

      This was an issue on the Symbian “marketplace”, and it seems it’s just as bad now on the Android market place, the put in no provision for Demo/Trial/AdSupported, just Free vs Paid.

      Easy to do? Nothing special too it, as long as the apk has been cracked, you install it just like any other application from the PC (marketplace isn’t the only place to install apps, not every developer wants to be controlled by the eveils of google hence the alternatives).

      • Jon Says:

        In theory it doesn’t even need to be cracked if you know someone who has already brought the app you can just copy it straight from their phone to yours šŸ˜¦

        I remember the Ovi Store days. None of the apps (ok a few did) said whether they were a demo or not and it was quite frustrating. Don’t even get me started on N-Gage…!

        Haven’t noticed it being too much of a problem on the Android Market I must confess, I tend to read the user comments before I install anything though and they’re quite helpful in that respect.

      • Si Says:

        RE: apps.

        The adverts I hate, i’d rather pay than have adverts honestly, even a demo I don’t want ads. At least with some apps you can see if they want a full network connection.

        Internet, for pinball? DELETE! (I know some games might want scores online etc but most of the time that network connection is for ads).

        Bit more annoying when you expect the application to connect to the network/internet then you have no idea.

        I’m still a little confused as to if an application has actually exited or not, apparently he browser should when you go back to home, but it’s still on the same screen when I return and in a “taskmanger” application.

      • Truth Says:

        “Iā€™m still a little confused as to if an application has actually exited or not”

        Some more info on this:-
        “Android is a multitasking operating system. It is very smart at self-managing its memory and applications. You may hear talk of using a task killer, or another memory management tool, but this is NOT necesarry. Android will manage this task itself. You may have the question “How do I close this app?”. With android this question does not need to be asked as android will take care of it in the background.”

  3. Jon Says:

    @Si, I’m actually not too bothered about the ads to be honest. In comparison to the ads you’d get from Ovi Store apps they seem relatively unobtrusive – also, having the unlimited data plan means I don’t need to worry about them too much. On most Ovi Store “free games with ads” you’d get a full screen add that took ages to load up before you even started playing.

    @Truth, I’ve also noticed the web browser thing and am pretty sure a lot of things aren’t closing when I’d like them to. One example is a game called Papaya Farm – it had 5MB of things running as a task when I had long exited the game. Also, some games/apps don’t seem to have an “exit” option. I know pressing Back is meant to come out and quite most things but it doesn’t work with everything..

  4. Sally Says:

    The Desire has enough resources to handle multiple applications without needing to close them. Android has built in auto task management through the GC. Background apps use no processor or battery. Starting an app, forcing it to close, then starting it again later will use more battery then just keeping it running in the background.

  5. Jonathan Says:

    hey just thought i’d let you know there is another cool app store called andappstore. you can find it at . It seems pretty cool and i just purchased an app through it using paypal which is awesome

  6. Guide To Gadget Says:

    I want tried it too

  7. Johnny Says:

    As a mobile provider, I can tell you my android apps need internet access for the online help and and for activation. I give a few days trial, then it locks up based on your phone id unless you pay for it. I use my server to do this, you can’t change your phone id or my server database. Thank all the little hackers for this approach. So that app probably does genuinely need internet access. There is no option for this in the android market like all the other places. I don’t need to do this for Blackberry, iPhone, Palm, or Windows Mobile. Once I finish this last app, there will be no more Android development.

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