My HTC Desire survives a Friday night in Birmingham + FlexiShield Skin/Case Review

That’s right, I didn’t drop my Desire in the toilet, soak it in beer or get mugged for it so all in all it faired quite well.

I was actually quite surprised how well the phone caters to those who are somewhat under the influence (of alcohol that is). The predictive text works brilliantly. We’ve all been there: after a few pints it seems like a great idea to text people and share your wise thoughts and banter. A typical drunken text would end up something like this:

hzza hws yu uim in pub and haveen i greeet timme. monly had afewBBEEERRS but fannnncy the sokks off ya

Which thanks to the HTC Desire clever word prediction translates to into the sophisticated message below:

Hiya how are you? I’m in the pub and having a great time. Only had a couple of beers and thought I’d let you know I really want you.

The only thing it can’t help with is when you send it to your mum by mistake.

ShareSo what else?

FlexiShield SkinWell I was lucky enough to be sent an HTC Desire Case from the lovely people at Mobile Fun. The FlexiShield Skin fits snugly around the back of your Desire. Simply slip your phone into the ‘skin’ and that’s it. You don’t need to worry about it anymore.

I’ve had a  lot of phones and tried a lot of different cases, skins and ‘rubber’ protectors but this has to be the best. Rather than being a hard plastic case it’s a silicone one. This means it allows some bend to occur in its every day use. This means you don’t need to worry about it cracking or getting too damaged.

The FlexiShield also gives better grip to your Desire. I always seem to end up dropping my phone at some point in its life – no matter how much care I take – so I’m hoping the extra grip of the shield will mean less of the ‘slipping out of your hands syndrome’. The case it about 3mm thick so any drops or bumps means there’ll be enough protection to stop it penetrating your phone.

FlexiShield SkinSo how about accessibility to your phones camera and buttons? This is one of the main problem I’ve had with previous cases/skins. Why do they never seem to line up properly with your phone’s design? It’s so annoying and you often find yourself having to pull the case around and about to allow access to the phone’s features. The FlexiSheild doesn’t have this problem thankfully. I must admit, initially I was worried that there weren’t any cut-outs for the phone’s lock/unlock button and volume controls. Thinking about it now however, this means the case will stop dust and dirt getting in to places you don’t want it. The shield protrudes slightly where the lock and volume buttons are on the slightly softer back half of the case which means you have a softer press in these areas compared to the rest of the case. I didn’t have a single problem unlocking or changing the volume at all.

What more can I say? If you want to protect your desire from scratches, dirt and grime then get yourself a FlexiShield. For just over £10 you can’t really go wrong. Click here for the HTC Desire Case

FlexiShield Skin

The FlexiShield Skin from



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15 Responses to “My HTC Desire survives a Friday night in Birmingham + FlexiShield Skin/Case Review”

  1. Jonathan Mallett Says:

    I just orderd one of these but its matt black so its not see through. Hoping its all smooth sailing for me too :). How hard is it to put it on?

    • Jon Says:

      The one I trialed was the matt black one. It’s not solid black, it’s slightly opaque. Very easy to put on – just eases on around the phone and then you forget about it.

  2. Si Says:

    Are you going to try any screen protectors?

    Mine got a scratch today, you can feel it… and I swear it wasn’t there before I put it into my soft… (no grit or anything I think/hope) pocket took it out, there it is, 1cm long and bad enough to feel.

    Well I guess at least it’s “christened” now, and thus I shouldn’t have to worry about my “first scuff/scratch” :p

    What else are you trailing? Desktop dock?


    • Jon Says:

      Ooh dear, sounds like screen protectors would be the next best thing to try out – I should have ordered those ones off eBay but never got round to it. I would probably be weeping if I’d scratched my screen this soon on. As you say though – it’s been Christened now…

      Would certainly like to try out a few different docks and see which is the best. Might have to wait for more to come out on the market.

  3. barwin Says:

    Sorry for you Si. Hopefully I’ll be saved from any scratch at all. Thinking about buying a case like this one. Thnx for the tip guys! Still very much un love with my Desire. My girlfriend is quite jealous at the moment 😉

  4. thegadgetdude Says:

    Looks pretty good, except maybe for the big ‘NEXUS ONE’ badge on the back, unless that’s just the sample pics. Did yours come with that on the back?

    Considering this as it makes a nice match up with the invisible shield I’ve just ordered for the screen. On a related note, is there anything/way to protect the camera at the back, i’m always worried if I put my phone flat down on my desk or a table i might risk scratching the clear plastic in front of the cam lens.

    • Jon Says:

      The one I received did come with the Nexus One sticker on the back. This however can easily be peeled off without a problem.

      I’ve also thought about the camera getting scratched. I don’t know of anything to protect it but if it ever did get scratched badly you could just replace the back cover of the phone…

  5. r1se Says:

    I ordered Invisible Shield from ZAGG.COM, not the whole body, just the screen protector. I used for BlackBerry Storm before, it was awsome. It comes with life long guarantee & you can be assured that your phone’s screen would never get scratched! Mobile Fun also sells them for £15. But they said it would be released at 24 April. So, I ordered directly from their website.
    It cost me $18.48 (incl. delivery). They shipped it Friday, it is now on its way. I thing it is the best screen protector you can buy from the market. Make sure you pay by credit card, if you pay by debit card you will be charged currency conversion fee.

  6. David Says:

    Good review, how does the keyboard fare in portrait mode with this case? I had a case for my Hero and it interfered terribly with the letters near the edge of the keyboard.

    Also does it affect the signal of the handset? My Hero suffered with a silicone case like this on, took it off and got a few extra bars of signal!

    Again, +1 for a screen protector review, as that’s pretty essential kit on these phones!

  7. Gaynelle Gallegos Says:

    One of the better weblogs I’ve come across for knowledge within this specific niche. I will be coming back consistently for unique articles or blog posts.

  8. Steven Martins Says:

    Thanks for the review. I’ve just ordered a FlexiShield case for my Desire after reading about your findings.

  9. Orange Flexishield Hard Case For Apple Iphone 4 4g | apple products blog Says:

    […] My HTC Desire survives a weekday period in city + FlexiShield … […]

  10. mo Says:

    aren’t the martin fields screen supposed to better in terms of clarity, and read some Where that After a while silicon skins begin to saag?

    • Jon Says:

      Yes, definitely. Sadly at the time of buying my Desire in February the Martin Fields protectors were not available/out of stock so I had to go with a cheaper alternative.

      I haven’t tried a silicone skin to be honest, I can’t imagine why they’d sag though unless it was to do with heat?

  11. byebyegt1 Says:

    Has anyone tried one of the personalised cases cropping up everywhere at the moment for the Desire? I want to know what the fits like and if the image quality is OK. being one place I see thats got them on offer in the UK. Cheers

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