T-Mobile HTC Desire £10-a-month deal taken down

T-Mobile LogoIt seems that the £10-a-month HTC Desire deal from the T-Mobile website has been pulled down possibly due to high demand.

It was a bit of a no-brainer for sure, pay £164 for the handset and then £10 a month for 24 months (total of £404 over the 24 months, or £16.83 a month equivalent).

The next best deal is now £15 a month for 24 months and £157 for the handset bringing the total to £517.

I can only imagine that someone at T-Mobile suddenly realised that this deal was way too good to offer to people for the best mobile phone on the market.


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3 Responses to “T-Mobile HTC Desire £10-a-month deal taken down”

  1. Si Says:


    I had vodafone call me (thinking I was still receiving my phone from the other site). I told them I cancelled it because I was “messed around” and they asked if I was looking at plans, I told them on the phone what I got from T-Mobile, and well… they didn’t even try and the guy on the phone said there isn’t any point as it seems to be good :p

    So officially the best, says vodafone 😉

    • Jon Says:

      Ha indeed! Apart from a mix up with my address (which resulted in my service going on hold) I’ve been very impressed with the T-Mobile help and support. Seems that even Vodafone are jealous 🙂

  2. thegadgetdude Says:

    Not surprised since they’ve been selling out, i got the £15 a month deal and paid £95 for the phone, so not as cheap as the £10 one was but i didn’t have enough to pay what they were charging on the £10 one.

    Seems the price of the phone for the £15 deal has now gone up!

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