Google Maps UK Navigation now live and official

I think this has actually been out for a couple of days now I think about it but I’ll get onto that later.

All you need to know now is that version 4.11 (4156) does now support turn by turn Navigation on your HTC Desire.

ShareThe reason I think it has been available for a few days (if anyone really wants to know) is that when using Maps [brut] as talked about yesterday, it would ask whether I want the [brut] version of Maps to navigate or the Google version. I always pressed [brut] because I assumed that the Google one didn’t support it in this country yet. However, the Google version of Maps must have updated itself via the Market to include this feature because I certainly haven’t updated it in the last few hours.

That aside, we can now all get beta testing the official version of Google Maps Navigation. Be sure to send them your comments and feedback so they can keep on improving things.

Google Maps Logo



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2 Responses to “Google Maps UK Navigation now live and official”

  1. Si Says:

    Now figure out how to pre-cache maps (and tell us :p) then we’re onto a winner :p

  2. Jon Says:

    I wish! All we can do in the mean time is vote for the suggestion here:

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