Copy protected apps now available in the Android Market

Android Market

Android Market, getting bigger every month...

I’m not sure if someone has just flicked a switch or something but it seems that copy protected apps are now showing up on my HTC Desire. I still have the stock T-Mobile rom but I can now search and install apps that were previously unavailable – Gem Miner: Dig Deeper being the best example.

There is a good way to test if your phone can browse copy protected apps in the Market too. Simply do a search for copy protection test and see what results you get. If you see an app called TopMarket Test – Copy Protected by TopiXoft then you too can now enjoy the copy protected apps in the Market.

Other notable now apps appearing are HOME RUN BATTLE 3D, Battle For Mars and Jewelllust

I still can’t find Google Earth however so we’re not quite there yet in terms of full compatibility but I’ll be happy now I’ve got some more apps to play with.



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4 Responses to “Copy protected apps now available in the Android Market”

  1. Barwin Says:

    Same experimenten here. Runkeeper is now on my phone where I couldn’t find it two days ago… ran the test en it worked out just fine. Earth still not in market altough it got it via an APK…

  2. dale Says:

    I can see that app but still no earth, eBay etc, least we’re getting there. I tried out earth via an apk and tbh there’s not a lot of functionality that maps doesn’t do, pretty though.

  3. Olly Says:

    Same here, finding some apps start to slowly appear, but still no Google Earth.

    Does anybody know the definitive reason behind this? It really is getting annoying now, especially as the device has been out for weeks.

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