Facebook app for Android updated to v1.2

BARCODE - Facebook 1.2

Scan here to download*

Just a heads-up for those Facebook-obsessed out there. The Android Facebook app has been updated and now includes Messages from within the app. If you ever used the old version you’ll know how annoying it was to see you had been sent a message but were then taken to the m.facebook.com website to read it.

Anyway that’s all been done away with now and you can now compose, read and delete your messages from within the app.

Much better.

The general interface and layout has also been improved. You’ll notice a much more ‘solid’ look and feel to the app and I think you’ll be able to happily use this for updates and messages rather than the Facebook website now. If you want to play all those farming and pet games however then you’ll still need your browser.

[The reason I’ve posted this is because you won’t receive the update notification through the Market because this is an app that was already installed on your phone when you received it so the Market won’t check it.]

*If you don’t have the Barcode Scanner app then search for it in the Market to be able to scan codes like this



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3 Responses to “Facebook app for Android updated to v1.2”

  1. SheyMouse Says:

    Was considering downloading this, but I’m not sure which version of FB I currently have on my Desire. I have only had the phone 1 week so I’m probably not looking in the correct place. Any tips would be great.

    • Jon Says:

      Load the Facebook app and look at the 4th icon on the main screen. It’ll be a picture of a camera if you’ve got the old version or an “Inbox” on the newer version.

  2. Jo Says:

    Thank you for advice and barcode for Desire FB. It was really puzzling me and as my first touch phone that does more than just text and speak, I need all the help I can get. So far, pleased with Desire and glad I bucked the trend of the iphone…..

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