The £1.49 HTC Desire screen protector test

Seeing as I couldn’t get hold of one of the nice expensive Martin Fields screen protectors for my Desire (that poor volcano was blamed yet again), I decided to just get one on the screen to bide me by ’til the expensive ones come into stock.

I opted for the cheapest one I could possibly find. To my surprise however – it’s quite good!

Read on to find out more…!

Broken Nexus

Take this Nexus One for example. This WILL happen to your Desire if you don't protect your screen.

I was quite disappointed when I first opened the protector – I thought I’d been sent one for the wrong phone (even though it did say “HTC DESIRE” on the label). I then realised that it was only meant to protect the actual ‘touch’ part of the screen. This means the black borders around the phone (where the HTC logo are etc) are still liable to scratching. I was saddened at first but then realised I had only paid £1.49 for this and also, it was going to be a lot easier to put on…

We’ve all brought a protector and painstakingly spent tens of minutes of our lives trying to put the damn things on. Just when you think you’ve cracked it you notice a huge bubble (which wasn’t there before) has appeared and you have to start all over again. Each time you pull it off your phone you get more and more dust and lint sticking to it and it gets to such a state that you may as well just give up. However, with this protector being slightly smaller than the full size of the front of the phone, I found it very easy to put on and not get any bubbles (bar one tiny one in the corner where a tiny piece of fluff got under it – but I can live with that).

My next worry was how the screen looked brightness-wise with this cheapo bit’o’plastic on it. Well yes, you can tell it’s not your original shiny screen but I wouldn’t go as far as saying it hinders how amazing the phone’s display looks. In fact, I’d nearly forgotten it was on my phone until I’d started reviewing it. Videos and pictures still all look lovely thanks to the Desire’s AMOLED screen so you’ll probably find you forget it’s on your phone like I just pretended I did.

Next up was the feel. At first (and I don’t know why) it felt very ‘rough’ to slide my finger across the screen. It was like the protector was causing friction between my finger and the screen. I thought it was going to have to come off but then this strange effect seemed to disappear… I honestly can’t work out what it was, be it static or a thin coating of anthrax on top but it certainly went within 10 minutes.

So overall I’m very happy my touch screen is being protected until I get my super expensive £10-ish protector. You can’t really be too careful with your screen – remember you’ll have this phone for at least 18 months so you don’t want a big scratch ruining it for you.

The only very slight quibble I have is if you want to slide down the Notifications Bar at the top of the screen you can feel the top edge of the protector – not a huge problem obviously but not as smooth and seamless as it would be if protector covered the whole screen of the phone.



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11 Responses to “The £1.49 HTC Desire screen protector test”

  1. thegadgetdude Says:

    I’m looking at getting the martin fields protector with it being highly regarded and including a camera lens cover, although i was tempted by the matte screen protector on boxwave ( to help in sunlight and avoid the fingerprint marks. Although I worry it’ll make my nice AMOLED screen look like a bathroom window…

    • Jon Says:

      I’d be pretty upset if mine looked like a bathroom window 😉 Let us know how (or if) the anti-fingerprint works because that’d be quite useful to have…

  2. Jonathan Says:

    My desire is finally here no thanks to a certain volcano! Had it for a couple of days and killed the battery about 3 times! hehe. I just can’t stop touching it… its sooo sexy and dare i say desirable.

    I’ve ordered

    Has anyone ever used forever fitter screen protectors?

  3. how much should i weigh Says:

    dang nice story bro.

  4. Jonathan Says:

    Right so i’ve finally received my forever fitters screen protector (bloody delivery from HK takes ages) and its alright for the price:


    The feel is actually a lot better. my finger glides on the screen smother than before.

    Very easy to fit! Did it on my second try (with the same protector) and only cos it wasn’t perfectly straight on the first try. Considering this is the first ever screen protector i have installed i was impressed by how easy it was.

    I can’t notice it affecting the touch sensitivity of the screen. If it has only very very little.

    Helps with the finger prints alot (still not tried anti-glare will update on that tomorrow)


    I does give the screen this grain/pixels look. This is something i am trying to get used to it might be the glue is still not fully dry or it might be cos its a cheap screen protector. Unfortunately after using the desire without the screen protector it is something which is really annoying me. Thats the price you pay for safety i guess.

    Overall I am pleased with it and for the price i can’t really complain. But i will probably invest in a more expensive one when this one needs replacing or i have the extra cash to spend

    • Jon Says:

      Thanks for the update on this. I’d be interested to try one just to see how the “glide” compares to my cheapo one. I definitely think the cheap one I have has more resistance.

      I think what would put me off is the grainy look. Did it clear up after some use?

      • Jonathan Says:

        Nope :(. I was really hoping it would but it didn’t at all. I’m am trying hard to get used to it but it just reduces so much quality from the screen…. I stand by what i said its good for the price a (4pack for about £6) but then i did got what i paid for.

        I will probably get a higher quality one sooner than i was expecting. It’s just so damn grainy especially on a white background. 😦

      • Jon Says:

        That’s disappointing really, sorry to hear they haven’t worked out for you.

        Hopefully my Martin Fields protector will arrive soon…

  5. Jon Says:

    Just an update on this: I’ve still got the original cheapo screen protector on and it’s still doing great!!

  6. Franky Says:

    The article highlighted some of the problems encountered with screen protectors, especially the “feel” and brightness. The screen protector I first used gave the surface of my screen a sticky feel and a made it a little cloudy. This wasn’t some cheap screen protector, it costed me $13.
    For my HTC I decided to get a GadgetShieldz full body coverage and I didn’t have this problem. I used it to cover the whole front, the back cover and sides of my phone.

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