HTC Desire DOES NOT come with a Gorilla Glass screen

Gorilla Glass

Gorilla Glass

I’ve just had confirmation from HTC that the HTC Desire doesn’t utilise the Gorilla Glass technology in its AMOLED screen.

So the rumours were false and we do all need to be extra careful not to get our screens damaged as they are not as strong as you may have first thought.

Here’s my response below:

Dear Jon Thank you for contacting us. In regards to HTC Desire, I can help you with the confirmation that this device doesn’t use use Gorilla glass type but just standard glass prepared for AMOLED capacitive touch screen. I trust that this resolves your query, please do not hesitate to contact us again if required. Best regards, Pedro S. HTC

[Update 09/06/11 Due to the recent comments on this article with links saying the Desire DOES come with a Gorilla Glass screen I decided to contact HTC again and see if they could elaborate on these findings.

This was my response:

Dear Jon ,

Thank you for contacting HTC.

We unfortunately have no official information to disclose if the glass that is in htc desire is Gorilla Glass or nott.

To send a reply to this message or let me know I have successfully answered your question log in to our ContactUs site using your email address and your ticket number.



So HTC won’t comment on this now. Is it possible some phones did come with the Gorilla Glass and some shipped without? Perhaps when the AMOLED screens were in short supply HTC changed something in manufacturing? I’m afraid this case is unsolved!
[Update 8/11/2011]

It has come to my attention that some people don’t believe these messages from HTC are real. I can’t say whether the original HTC Desire does or doesn’t come with Gorilla Glass due to conflicting reports from HTC and other websites – I can however put in a screenshot to prove, as best I can, that these messages from HTC were real. I don’t have the original e-mail from Pedro anymore sadly but I do still have the one from Antonio:

Gorilla Glass e-mail from HTC

Click to enlarge


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31 Responses to “HTC Desire DOES NOT come with a Gorilla Glass screen”

  1. mikepegg Says:

    Hi Pal, Interesting bit of information and only place I’ve seen this. Does make me slightly more concerned for my screen.

  2. Jon Says:

    Yeah there were rumours before the release that it came with this special type of glass but seeing as HTC have now confirmed that it DOESN’T it’s something to keep in the back of your mind…

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  4. Guide To Gadget Says:

    What is Gorilla Glass screen?

  5. Cargo Says:

    Hi, I’ve been using my Desire for few months. I keep it in my pocket without any protection. And when I give a close look to the screen I can’t see any scratches. It’s not Gorilla glass but it’s very hard. Much more than the Iphone screen.

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  7. HTC Desire HD Kratzfest?? - Areamobile Community Says:

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  8. gene Says:

    i know that htc desire doesnt use gor. glass in the beginning so i bought invi shield for my screen protection. but if you want gor screen so bad, in our counter there is a store that replaces screens with gor, but unfortunateley as the warranty will be void. by the way im from phil.

  9. gene Says:

    IDK if other country has that kind of store… XD

  10. mike Says:

    If anyone has ever worn glasses we know two things. Plastic scratches very easily but is very durable. Glass is difficult to scratch but very easy to shatter. Dropped my Desire ONE time on concrete. I am on hold with The Signal right now to file an insurance claim. So… Pockets are okay unprotected… Gravity is not so well…… Ugghhh…….

    • Jon Says:

      Ouch! Hope you managed to get your Desire replaced?

      About the glasses thing; I think I may be better off with blurry eyes if I’d see all the scratches on my screen with glasses on! 😉

  11. B2 Says:

    Just wanted to tell an experience I had…
    I bought a Desire in the middle of January.
    And here 12/03 the glass screen “cracked”…
    I have had in a “pouch” most of the time, I’ve never dropped it, never put it screen down and havent put things on top of it…
    And when I was sitting relaxing my saturday and reading some news on the phone, without touching the screen, the glass just “cracked”, from the center-bottom to the left center, and the funny thing is, a little bit above the “call” button, it looks like there is a tiny piece missing, like it has been chipped… Strangest thing…

    And no, im not a Gorilla 😀 Only if Gorillaz pack they’re mobiles in cotton 😀

  12. Jean-Pierre Rupp Says:

    My HTC Desire dropped once from about one meter and a half onto hard concrete, screen facing down. The metal frame around the display got deeply scratched, but the screen itself didn’t suffer at all. It may as well be made of diamond as far as I’m concerned. It’s probably the toughest smartphone I’ve owned.

  13. lactoz Says:

    contradicting ! . it is listed in the corning site

  14. Bhupendra Says:

    I also checked it at and its listed there.

  15. Vladimir Says:

    and how about this one ? HTC Desire is on the List

  16. Jon Says:

    Hmm there seems to be a lot of conflicting reports. I will contact HTC again and see if they want to change their statement.

  17. Damo Says:

    Like Jean-Pierre Rupp’s Desire, mine also dropped from about 4 feet onto the pavement. Not only did the body of the phone end up with scratches and dents, but the glass shattered into a multitude of tiny pieces.

    No GG on that one…….

  18. taz Says:

    desire s has it

  19. thebanatZe Says:

    I find it hard to believe that an email reply from a company of HTC’s stature would be so poorly punctuated and have glaring typo’s.

    I believe this is a case of an attention-seeker with a fake conversation. Unless you have a screenshot to prove me wrong.

    • Jon Says:

      LOL, first time I’ve been called an attention seeker!

      Sadly, I can confirm that the bad grammar and typos are indeed that of someone from HTC. Perhaps as their first language isn’t English this could be the reason?

      I have attached a screenshot of the e-mail to the bottom of this news story as proof.


  20. thebanatZe Says:

    Also, the Desire HD doesn’t have an AMOLED. It has an LCD.

  21. thebanatZe Says:

    Oh, wait. My bad. This is for the HTC Desire, and not the Desire HD.
    My apologies.

  22. Shane Says:

    Go to and read their hTC Desire review, second page (link below), do a Ctrl+F and search for Gorilla, you find nothing!

    GSMARENA is the wolrd’s biggest mobilephone database so I guess you get your answer!

  23. bhupendra Says:

    I think I can fairly confirm that my Desire (not amoled, the later ones) doesn’t have gorilla glass because I carried it in my pocket for a few days and lo and behold…scratches!

    • Jon Says:

      Oh dear :s My Desire S seems to have done well, I can’t see any scratches on the screen and it’s had quite a few knocks and bumps (and drops!) over the past year!

  24. Szin Says:

    Its not gorrilla glass, and its 80 fucking dollars to get it repaired which is ridiculous when the phone only cost 130 now brand new

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