HTC Desire delayed on the O2 network

HTC Desire Small

You're gonna have to wait a bit longer if you're on O2

I do pitty those poor O2 customers. O2 have announced on their blog that the phone will not be available until at least mid-May.

Originally planned for a late April release, it seems they’re just too busy to get the phone out to their customers:

“Unfortunately the testing we carry out to make sure the phone’s ready for launch has taken longer than we had hoped, meaning we won’t be able to launch it at the end of April like we originally planned.”

A pretty poor excuse if you ask me. Either they’ve been too busy playing with the phone because it’s so good that they forgot to get it ready for their customers or maybe the ash cloud has had a knock-on effect?

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7 Responses to “HTC Desire delayed on the O2 network”

  1. chris Says:

    Hello, wasn’t sure where to post this but can you recommend a good leather pouch for the desire?

  2. dave Says:

    I just ordered one from MobileFun – hopefully it’ll come tomorrow; I’ll let you know what it’s like then! It got a good review online somewhere.

  3. dave Says:

    Got the case. It’s ok for the money. Nothing too elaborate, but it gets the job done and looks good.

  4. dave Says:

    Well, I went for the flip case, but I sent it back today. There are magnets in the case which hold it closed, but they interfere with the compass meaning you cannot use it without removing it from the case, which defeats the whole purpose of it. I’m in the market for another case/cover now.

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