Q: Does your HTC News Widget work?

News WidgetIf like me you like to stay up to date with the latest news then you’ve probably got a few news feeds on your HTC Desire by now. The News app built into the phone works great and everything I need to well laid out and well presented.

The only thing I can’t get to work is the HTC News Widget.

I have set all my news feeds to update automatically at various intervals (and yes my phone has “syncing” turned on) but not one of them will update unless I manually go into the News app or press the “refresh” button on the News Widget itself.

I will report this bug to HTC but in the mean time, has anyone worked out a way to cure it?



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41 Responses to “Q: Does your HTC News Widget work?”

  1. Si Says:

    Works for me.

    Although syncing generally seems erractic, specially email (the widget front view sometimes doesn’t update for half a day whereas if I click through to the actual email app, it has). It’s one of these “not sure what it’s doing” kind of feelings.

    But yes, it works for myself.

    • Jon Says:

      Hmm that’s annoying. Am thinking of putting together a bug list if I can find enough. If you know of any yourself and think it’ll be worth getting a list online then let me know.

      • Lefty Says:

        i have a droid incredible 2 and the “news” widget wasnt working, but after getting the “google reader” app from the play store it suddenly began working hope this helps if you are still having the problem

  2. Jonathan Says:

    Sorry i can’t help i don’t use the news widget myself… i find it annoying that it can’t connect my google reader account to it …

    • Jon Says:

      Yes you’d have thought that Google may have integrated Google Reader out-of-the-box on their Android phones but apparently not. I’m sure it’ll appear at some point and obviously there are other apps out there that’ll do it.

      • Jonathan Says:

        Yep ‘m using newsrob atm. might get the full version if i can find it on slide me or the andappstore just tog et the widget :). Maybe wait a week for google io something might be released then

  3. Mike Pegg Says:

    Seems to work fine for me, I remember it not working when I got it. I think I had to download each feed separately to make it work, forget how though.

  4. Gabriel Says:

    I didn’t like the interface too much and also it had trouble finding my favourite feeds, and so I opted for News Room app instead. Beautiful interface – I thought in the end it was worth the steep $5.

    As for sync problems, I initially turned off automatic refresh for the weather, but I can’t seem to reinstate it. Even if I select it, the option doesn’t get saved, so I’m stuck with manual refreshing now. Small blip.

  5. Aj Says:

    Never worked for me – have to manage subscriptions, refresh, select all feeds each time I want an update.

  6. cthonctic Says:

    The news widget works for me in general, but I also have to manually update it to stay current.
    Thus far I don’t mind it syncing only on demand, but it would be nice if it worked automatically should I want it to.

    • Jon Says:

      Yes, that’s my main niggle – I don’t mind manually refreshing but it’s the fact that I *shouldn’t* have to…

  7. fashionmile Says:

    The news widget does not works for me in general

  8. Rasmus Says:

    Hi jon
    I have the same problem as you.

  9. Giorgos Mavrikas Says:

    Does’t work for me either. I have already reported this to HTC and they have come back with their standard response: Backup, format.

  10. superflyin Says:

    same problem.doesnt work anymore.

  11. Ricardo Says:

    Same here. The widget won’t load news unless I reboot my phone.

  12. Baki Says:

    Besides updating, which I have a problem with too, it sometimes opens a wrong article. I subscribe to three feeds. Today I clicked one article and it opened the one below it, went back tried a few more times with that article, same result… Then clicked the article below, and it opened the one above it (which I wanted in the first place).

  13. guy Says:

    mine stopped working as well, was not updating. Fixed it.

    Restart phone.

  14. Aidan Says:

    I got a new HTC Desire HD
    My news feed widget would not update update. Power down cycles, removing the widget and adding it back. Clearing data and the cache Unsubscribing and trying to resubscribe to the feeds. Nothing has worked, they all fail. Now after performing this soft reset I can’t even add the widget back. If I try to add it from the widgets it asks me to tap to select news feeds and tries to look them up but rapidly fails and goes back to the widget selection screen.

    Freking sucks. HTC better be on to this one quick smart. Bunch of muppets!

  15. Aidan Says:

    My HTC desire has a similar problem.
    The news feed widget would not update. Power down cycles, removing the widget and adding it back. Clearing data and the cache Unsubscribing and trying to resubscribe to the feeds. Nothing has worked, they all fail. Now after performing this soft reset I can’t even add the widget back. If I try to add it from the widgets it asks me to tap to select news feeds and tries to look them up but rapidly fails and goes back to the widget selection screen.

    HTC better be on to this one asap. Bunch of muppets.

  16. Kim Kasperek Says:

    I have the Desire HD with 2.2 and have exactly the same problems as described. Have also tried to erase data, which means that I can’t even reinstall the widget. Does anyone know how to uninstall the News Widget completely and to reinstall it. I’m still wondering why it doesn’t work, since it worked fine the first few days … and I can’t figure out what I have changed in the configuration just before it stoppet working.
    I have bought another newsfeeder (RSS Atom) which works very good, but it’s not a widget, and the design is not as sexy as the HTC News widget

    • Jon Says:

      All I can suggest is to try rooting your phone and installing a custom but HTC Sense-based ROM on your phone.

      I don’t know any way of re-installing system apps without having your phone rooted I’m afraid 😦

  17. katie Says:


    just got the desire z htc, i loaded the free talking tom application and it worked for 3 days, randomly it wont load now any ideas???

    also on the top of the screen do the download icons for the apps stop there once downloaded cause they are annoying me

    • Jon Says:

      All I can suggest is to uninstall the app and then re-install it. If you go to your Downloads section in the Market app then you can select Talking Tom and then there’ll be a button at the bottom to uninstall it. Once that’s done, try rebooting your phone and then downloading the app again and re-installing it. Good luck!

    • Jon Says:

      Oh and if you want to get rid of the download notifications just pull down the top bar and then press the button that says “Clear”

  18. Hunter.Ho Says:

    i have a same problem, please e-mail me what to do

  19. Gareth Says:

    I’ve got a Desire HD and the News widget and app itself are annoying me! At first it wouldn’t update at all, then I tried to unsubscribe to certain feeds both through the phone and via Google Reader (to which it is synced) but it said ‘Unable to unsubscribe’ when I tried via the handset. Even though I’ve removed all feeds from Google Reader the app hasn’t updated. Now it is telling me for all the feeds that are left on the phone that there are ‘no stories’. This is the buggiest application I have ever had experience with. Aside from factory resetting my handset does anyone have any ideas how to resolve the situation?

    • Jon Says:

      Is this the HTC news widget you’re talking about? If so, the Desire HD version seems to be different to the standard Desire as we don’t have the option of syncing with Google Reader. All I can suggest if you reset the News widget by doing the following: Settings -> Applications -> Manage applications — now find the News widget under “All” and clear its data. Let me know how you get on!

      • beej Says:

        I did what you said and now the news app won’t even work. So what now?

      • Jon Says:

        @beej Did you clear the data in the News / News & Weather / News Widget app? It turns out that you can’t delete the data in the Widget because there is no data.

        I’ve just cleared the data in my News app and it reloaded fine.

  20. Chelsea ho Says:

    what do i do to stop reuters the news from sending me messages on articles

  21. Mark Says:

    I tried to reset the News widget on my new HTC Desire HD by doing the following: Settings -> Applications -> Manage applications -> News widget under β€œAll” and cleared its data. Now it wont even let me select the widget as it show no subscriptions?

  22. karan Says:

    Hey there…….can u help me WD did task……..I HV a HTC desire 310 n its news plugin isn’t working ……….even after updating it couple billion times …….please help me ……

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