The best 11 Apps available for Android have posted a nice little article detailing their best 11 apps available for Android. It’s definitely worth a read as I discovered a couple of apps I didn’t know existed (but will certainly be trying out now).

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15 Responses to “The best 11 Apps available for Android”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    Great list but i would make it 10 and loose TasKiller. Task managers, in general, interfere with the way android works… Dunno if you guys have JuiceDefender, UltimateJuice and JuicePlotter but they are brilliant battery management apps 🙂 that work together. Also just a question but what do you guys like more chompSMS or handcent?

  2. Si Says:

    The first thing I did was look at these lists, but found myself disapointed.

    I go through them and find, twitter apps, facebook apps, all the crud I don’t see. How many twitter apps do we need for crux sake?

    The Google Sky is kind of cool but shouldn’t be on a top 10/20 etc.

    What would be nice is things like…

    Best navigation app
    Best music app
    Best video app
    Best RSS reader
    Best news widget
    Best weather widget etc
    Best file browser (inc network browsing)
    Best GPS tracking (ie emergency tracking, sms passive, data active)
    Best IM Client (+Jabber Client)

    And out of all of these I would try and get the Free No Ads ones… I think I’m gong to make an new acronym which I will attach to any apps I make FFNA – Free, Full and No Ads. :p would it catch on?

    The HTC clock is nice, and the built in weather is v.nice too but it’s a cruddy background service which doesn’t reckonise my “small” locations, other sites will let me search on these (but i know the weather comes from specific towns near by etc), so I can use other widgets but I lose the very cool windscreen wipers :p and graphics.

    Currently I use…
    3G Watchdog
    androidVNC (not tested that well yet)
    ES File Explorer (still need to test Astro)
    GPS Speedo / GPS Status / GPS Test
    Jabiru (jabber client)
    Google Sky Map
    CoPilot Live
    Contraction Timer / Contraction timer (2 separate apps :p)
    Aldiko (free books)

    And a few other odds and games, and loads of widgets im testing atm.

  3. chris Says:

    Sorry to post on a completely irrelevant topic again…
    but I can’t seem to work out how to type a £ on my desire! It’s nowhere on the keyboard

    • Jon Says:

      It took me a while to find it too. On the keyboard just left to the “Return” key, press the “12#” button. Then look on the left-hand side and press the “1/2” button to switch to the next page of symbols 😉

      • Si Says:

        Another irrelevant, seen the news on 2.2, apparently performance is super. Wonder when our desires will get updated.

        I’m not going to bother rooting mine until “support” dries up or gets slow, being patient for now :p

        Although I do like the idea of “starting fresh”, so I don’t have to have various built in apps (peep etc).

  4. chris Says:

    Haha cheers, can’t believe I didn’t notice that!

  5. Jonathan Says:

    I’m with Si on this one. Heard android 2.2 will give around 450% performance increase in TFLOPS anyways. read it somewhere on androidandme i think. And about rooting its alright atm no big advantages of rooting other than removing the stock apps. Was gonna root to get a flashlight app but ive got one without rooting 🙂

    • Si Says:


      And obviously this is for the N1

      But yea.

      Need a desirefanatics mini forum, the big ones just seem too big and unwieldy. :p

      • Jonathan Says:

        The biggest question is when will htc release the 2.2 update… I hope we don’t have to endure the same painstakingly long time that the hero users are. I don’t mind sense staying as is with Froyo as the OS instead of eclair

        Yea a mini forums would be cool.

  6. ash Says:

    Its a myth that task killers are not required, people keep yabbering on like they know things. No they are not essential but they can help conserve power and kill a program which is hanging.

    All they do is offer a function that is readily available any way. If you go into (settings >> running services) you can kill an app from there… if this screwed with android don’t you think this function wouldn’t be there?

  7. Bouncing Balls Says:

    Stored to your site, so I will be back!

  8. heru priadi Says:

    thanks for share 🙂

  9. My Latest Delicious Bookmarks – Online Cool Stuff! (13th July 2010) Says:

    […] The best 11 Apps available for Android « HTC Desire Fanatics – A cool site all about the new HTC Desire mobile phone and some good commentary on some of the Android apps that are currently available. […]

  10. AndroidBlogger Says:

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