Android 2.2 for the HTC Desire – what does it mean?

Android MarketThe Internet has been a hive of activity regarding the new “Froyo” system for Android handsets. When will it be out? What are the new features? When will my phone get the update?

I don’t have many answers but TechRadar has got some juicy tidbits to keep you interested.

I think the best new feature has to be the ‘install apps to memory card’ one. I’ve often found myself running out of disk space on several occasions.

On with the quote:

Android 2.2 will let you install apps to memory card

It’s one of the entries in our wishlist for what we want to see in the next version of Android, and now it looks as though it’s going to happen. An entry from an Android developer on the Google Code site states that this feature is “coming soon”. Soon – like the end of May?

What this means is more memory-hungry applications, like those on the iPhone, which means a better experience than the casual and functional offerings currently available.

Admittedly, we don’t like the thought of having to pay for more applications on the Google app Market, but if it increases the quality of what’s on offer, we’re all for it.

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28 Responses to “Android 2.2 for the HTC Desire – what does it mean?”

  1. Gabriel Says:

    I wonder whether there will be a lag for getting 2.2 on the Desire. Presumably HTC would have to work out a way of Sense running on it. And then there’s the issue of network modified phones.

  2. Barwin Says:

    Froyo, come to my Desire, please! 450% faster than 2.1, Apps2SD and lots more goodies… can’t wat.
    But from what I understand It’s pretty hard for HTC to make Sese UI running on 2.2. And I guess we all heard the fuss about the update for the Hero.
    Hopefully the guys from Taiwan will get the workz done quickly. Somewhere I red that we as Desire-owners shouldn’t expect the update before the end of this year…

    • Jon Says:

      Being new to the world of HTC I didn’t know there was a problem getting sense out for the Hero…? I can’t imagine how it’d be that complicated but then I’m not a programmer 😉

  3. Gabriel Says:

    Bariwn, I fear that may be optimistic, but we’ll see…

  4. Si Says:

    Someone (or a few) test your 2.1 Desire speed before 2.2, I will try and do it as well and let’s see how good it really is for us.

    I don’t see why it should take them so long to get sense running on it, hopefully (for them too) it should just run (any major underlying changes?).

    Anyone thing that HTC would allow other weather services for their weather app/clock widget? The current one doesn’t even recognise my local city…

    • Jon Says:

      Si, I’ve also noticed that my local town isn’t recognised by the Weather widget. The funny (or not so) thing is, when I first got the phone it seemed to work fine. It is also not finding the nearest city to me which I could actually search for (through the app) before… Very odd/annoying.

      There’s probably a CPU speed testing app on the Market which would be worth getting some results from before the upgrade to 2.2. We might be waiting a while though… :-s

      • Si Says:

        There are 2 different weather sites…

        Ones which list almost every town and village, and give you the weather from the nearest station.

        Or others that will only give your weather from larger towns (as not all have weather stations).

        My “local” weather station is actually at a nearby village, which is kind of annoying.

        The sites that show the small towns vary if they include the small villages too.

        Even if I am in town, and it has the town name, it won’t give me weather… if I manually search I don’t even get my city, or the city over (which is usually the furthest away I ever have to go for weather)!

        But, sometimes, even when I am at home, “in the village”, I have the town as my location and sometimes the weather shows, but most the time it doesn’t.

        As for the village locality, that is wrong as recently someone moved near me from the village over, and obviously they have wifi and the phone thinks I am in their village (they were over there when google did the streetview).

        This is from the “Weather API” of the phone, which sucks… is it possible to replace APIs on Androi?

      • Jon Says:

        Don’t know about replacing the APIs but I have the exact same problem as you are describing. It’s obviously a handset-wide issue so hopefully it’ll be resolved by HTC soon. Until then, I suppose one of the other many weather apps could do instead…

      • Jon Says:

        LOL I just checked and my weather app is currently working in the correct location!

  5. Gabriel Says:

    Perhaps version 2.2 will include a sound equaliser? A bit disappointed to find out this week that there’s no way of introducing extra bass into music playback. I used to have HTC Touch Diamond, and that had an audio booster program (I think they call them apps these days!)

    • Jon Says:

      Yes the built-in player is pretty basic so there’s definitely a lot of room for improvement.

    • Jonathan Says:

      Astro Player beta is a cool audio player which is free on the market and does include an EQ if you want to give that a try

      • Jon Says:

        Good find Jonathan, certainly worth a go if you’re a sound fanatic!

      • Gabriel Says:

        I’ve tried Astro player – I find the equaliser tends to distort the music rather than enhance it. Also preset settings don’t work on it yet unfortunately. Shame.

  6. Vansh Says:

    Hey, If am planning to buy Nexus One or Desire, but I want these android updates ASAP. Even though I want to buy Desire and I am willing to let go the Sense UI (it can be manually deselected to get plain vanilla Android UI) , is it possible to put new Android updates on Desire bypassing HTC ?

    • Jon Says:

      I think if you root your phone you can get the updates quicker as it’ll be a “generic” firmware opposed to the “network/operator” firmware that the phone came with.

      To be honest, I was an “update whore” (just made that up) when I was a Nokia and Sony Ericsson user because their phones were always buggy and unrealiable. I can honestly say though that since owning the Desire I haven’t felt the need to root/debrand it at all. Yes there’s the odd niggle here and there but I’m very impressed with the phone.

      • Vansh Says:

        yeah i agree , but i really want some of the features expected in froyo (flash and app on sd card).

    • Jonathan Says:

      The best phone for getting updates will probably be the nexus one as it is sold as a Google branded phone just built by HTC so expect support for that sooner. Having said that i find it hard to believe that HTC don’t already have a build of FroYo and are working on an update which we were expecting anyways as they said divx support and 720p video shooting would become available through an update

      • Si Says:

        Considering how much it struggles to keep the fps up… I’m surprised that it could even encode to 720p in anything… :/

      • Jon Says:

        @Si yeah I’ve seen it struggle sometimes too – not sure why though as the rest of the phone is so quick!

      • Jonathan Says:

        I haven’t tested the video quality of the camera much i’m just pointing out what HTC said. Well we shall see :).

        Is anyone watching the Google IO keynotes the next couple of days? I will try and watch them, or at least listen to them, while i do some work.

  7. Barwin Says:

    Goe the Same issue with weather widget. At first everything was fine but since about two weeks my current Location won’t give weather updates eventhough it apparently recognizes the location itself. Pretty annoying, I might say…

  8. Guide To Gadget Says:

    When 2.2 will be released?

  9. Si Says:

    Meh… I want 2.2.

    It’s so annoying to always have the “low on space” notification warning… I am constantly uninstalling apps… various programs/system utils use the phone memory for cache and stuff :/

    Another month or so I hope else I am just going to jump ship.

  10. Kim Leo Says:

    @Si Yeah if it’s not coming tomorrow and we don’t get any kind of update, I think I’m going to try with one of the unofficial ROM’s then, It might be a kickass phone but I’m not going to let HTC “hero” treat me 😛

    • Si Says:

      There isn’t much difference on the bare OS than this anyway. So I don’t see the difference.

      I’m not fully sure which part is considered Sense UI anyway, it’s just a set of widgets right?

      I have used the vanilla android (2.2 also) in the SDK emulator and all it has different is the tray icon and the toolbar isn’t black.

      Would be nice to get rid of all these crap twitter apps etc. Don’t want facebook linking either (although the facebook native app is okay for a quick browse).

      • Kim Leo Says:

        I think Sense is the looks of the homescreen and as you say the collection of HTC widgets.

        Sense looks nice, but that’s about it, the only “useful” thing that I think is sense is the whole overview thing(when you press home while on the home screen), but to be honest it seems kind of wasted on the fact that not even the clock will run in realtime as you are in that overview mode, it might be demanding but specs on the Desire should be able to handle it.

        The biggest reason I’d like HTC to work on the update is that I’m note sure an unofficial rom would make use of the extra 64Mb memory, that I suspect was put there to give it a nice boost, and I read that the unofficial 2.2 Nexus one rom that was ported to Desire performed a little worse than Nexus one. Not what you would expect.

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