The not-quite-so-ultimate list of HTC Desire bugs

BugRight, going to try to keep all bugs and glitches we find on this one post so please let me know if you find any yourselves and I’ll add them in! Here are my first few HTC Desire bugs/glitches.

  1. Weather Widget Location – doesn’t get correct current location all the time. Seems to depend on which telephone transmitter you are near I have found tonight. Depending on which one you connect to you may see one of your neighbouring towns/villages listed. Also, it doesn’t include a search for some of the major towns/cities that most other weather apps don’t have a problem finding.
  2. News Widget auto-refreshing – it doesn’t work(!). Lots of people have reported this now so it seems to be quite common. I have tried deleting all feeds, adding and selecting different feeds, changing the auto-update interval and even a hard-reset to get this to work but it still won’t. You manually have to press the refresh icon to update it. Annoying.
  3. Predictive text issues – I have noticed a few rather irritating problems with the predictive text dictionary: If you try to type the word “it’s” (by just pressing its) it’ll only ever give you the option of the word with the apostrophe with a capital at the start. Also, when trying to type “we’ll” it does not show up as an option at all – just the word “well”. You have to manually put in the apostrophe which makes you lose a few seconds (just think of all those seconds added up over a year(!).
  4. I’ve also found that you can’t insert custom words in the User Dictionary with any symbols in at all – why?!
  5. Facebook contact bug – Have you ever received a message from your network provider that’s shown as coming from one of your Facebook friends? Well you’re not alone. This is quite a pain in the bum and the only way around this is to add the contact it “chooses” as an actual contact on your phone (just make up a number if you don’t know it) and then messages should start coming through normally. Annoying and very weird but at least there is a workaround.
  6. “Message could not be delivered” – Sometimes when you try and send a text it instantly says it “couldn’t be sent after multiple attempts” when actually it surely hasn’t even tried yet. This can be down to a number of things but I know it happens when you have poor signal. The main problem however is with synced phone numbers from Facebook. If for some reason someone used the “+44” at the start of their number then the sync with that contact doesn’t include the “+”. So, when your phone tries to send a message to that person it won’t recognise it as a valid number. There are two ways to solve this – get your friend to change their number on Facebook to start “07…” or load up your contacts and un-link that person from Facebook and add the number in manually.

Let me know if you have any others you can add in, I’m sure I’ll think of some more as time goes on. Don’t get me wrong – I still love my HTC Desire, it’d just be nice to send this list to HTC and get them to iron out a few things 🙂


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111 Responses to “The not-quite-so-ultimate list of HTC Desire bugs”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    There is no way to adjusting the sensitivity of the keyboard. I myself do not have a problem with this but a friend of mine is finding it hard to get used to.

    You cannot natively turn off senseUI to get the vanilla android experience. You have to get a home replacement app for that (currently testing out launcherpro beta and its quite cool)

    I would have liked to see more design being put into the menu tray. The nexus 3D and the launcherpro are head and shoulder above the native senseUI menu tray design wise. Same goes for the gallery.

    The trackpad is not as sensitive as i would like it to be. Try playing replica island with it and it can get quite annoying. This may be just my issue because it works brilliantly on my brother’s Legend.

    HTC could have put a larger battery.

    You should be able to remove native apps, such as peep, without needing to root your device.

    Messaging app could be smoother when scrolling.

    I know these are all not bugs but they are just little things i find annoying. Don’t get me wrong, I love the phone but since your asking i thought i’d post some of my slight annoyances :).

  2. ash Says:

    The worst one for me on this otherwise brilliant phone is the Facebook phone book issue, e.g. receiving a text from your bank and having it appear as someone from your phone book. Had to disable Facebook for HTC sense as a work around but would like to see issue fixed.

    • Jonathan Says:

      Ah speaking of facebook. I have my contacts set up with facebook photos as their display photos but they don’t seem to update. I had to disable facebook for HTC Sense and re enable it to get them to update.

      • Johnny Says:

        I’ve been having same contact photo update issue. Dumb question, but how do you disable and re-enable facebook for HTC sense?

      • Jon Says:

        Try going to Settings -> Accounts & Sync and then disabling/deleting your Facebook account in there.

    • Jon Says:

      Ah yes, the old Facebook bug – how could I forget that!

  3. Si Says:

    Does anyone have the email widgets not showing an update email list,
    although when you click through it you see the updated list?

  4. Grischa Says:

    The alarm does not work reliable on my Desire. It only works “sometimes”.
    This a realy anoying problem for me..

    • Si Says:

      Biggest clock issue is using Task Killers.

      Technically Android doesn’t need it, using one doesn’t help… although the standard way of Android handling the apps isn’t great either, Task Killers still won’t help.

    • Gabriel Says:

      Have noticed this too, but actually i think it has failed on occasions when i’ve killed the clock application using the task killer. So what I do now is close all apps, then just before putting phone down, i open the clock app, set the alarm, wait for it to tell me that I’ll need to wake up in a few hours (never long enough!), and then go to home screen and switch off screen. Has been reliable since then. Hope that helps.

  5. Gabriel Says:

    Completely agree on the “we’ll” and “we’re” issues.

  6. dave Says:

    There are already a few of these lists on various android sites. Is it worth putting aside your differences and submitting one master list?

    I’d like a ‘calibrate’ option for the mobile keyboard view (there’s already one for qwerty, but mobile is better)

    • Jon Says:

      I have no problem with the other Android sites out there, this is just a list of problems I’ve experienced myself. Anyhow, the more lists/problems HTC see reported the more likely they are to act upon them… 😉

  7. Sean McNeil Says:

    I tried to use a phone system that wanted me to enter a number followed by “#”. I couldn’t believe it when the phone refused to do it. It appears to search for a SIM phonebook entry. Try typing 1# in or out of a voice call in the phone dialer. To me, this is a very serious bug.

  8. Tom B Says:

    I have noticed that if you send yourself or receive a text messege the incoming text is stamped with the incorrect time. EG: if you send the SMS at 10:00 (GMT London) it is received at 11:00 (GMT London), one hour before it was sent…. HTC Have confirmed this will be corrected in the next OTA update.

    • Jon Says:

      That’s a very odd one! I just tried sending myself one and it came through OK so it must just be a glitch that’s happening to certain users.

  9. ash Says:

    I had a problem today with the phone refreshing 3G, which required a reset. I didn’t have any 3G access even though i was in a place where I usually get signal. Once I turned the phone off and back on it picked it straight back up.

    None of these bugs are as major as my last phone which was a god awful LG and I have faith in HTC that they will be resolved.

    • Gabriel Says:

      Ash, I have similar problems. I work in a place where reception is patchy, and once the signal goes, the phone is slow to regain a data connection. It doesn’t do it automatically, and sometimes I have to turn the antenna off for a while ( 5 mins or so) and then turn it on and then the data connection on. Very odd. I can’t be 100% sure if it’s the area or the phone, but I used to use a Touch Diamond in exactly the same place with no such problems, so I suspect it’s the Desire.

      • ash Says:

        Yeah I suspect its a software problem. Turning off the mobile internet or resetting the phone seems to be a fix so it must not be refreshing itself. Very odd and slightly annoying.

      • Gabriel Says:

        Agree Ash. Personally, this is the biggest bugbear I have with the phone. I hope HTC fix it, though it’s a bit confusing where the fix will come from. Is it in the form of upgrading Android 2.1 to 2.2, or is it in updating Sense? Perhaps, these two updates will come together and will somehow fix this issue.

    • Jon Says:

      I haven’t noticed this one myself yet. I must say though that I’ve found the phone handles switching between 2/3G very well when compared with my Nokia N97 which took a good 30 – 40 seconds(!)

  10. vksolutionsnet Says:

    I have an issue with network internet connection, dont really know whether its a bug or its something to do with my phone but if i connect to my networks 3g internet its fine, after that if i connect over wifi – the network 3g internet will not connect unless i restart the phone. :S very weird

  11. Wilson Says:

    I found a bug regarding the AGPS function, it will be accurate only when you turn on wifi . otherwise, it is inaccurate. GPS functions okay.

    • Jon Says:

      As I’m sure you know, the AGPS uses the nearest telephone mast to help locate your position quicker. It’ll probably be quicker when using WiFi because that can almost instantly tell (within a few miles) where abouts you are…

      • Si Says:

        Only if they know where that wifi is… the google wardriving effort recently has been shown under bad light, so not sure how this is giong to go.

        There is a site or two out there, that you can put your wifi mac in and see if they have it.

        (luckily im too far from the road).

  12. Gabriel Says:

    I have a new one: does anyone else have any problems opening certain PDF files? Some open ok and others say they can’t be viewed. The files themselves are fine as they open ok on my computer. Tried downloading other PDF readers, same problem with exactly the same files. This may be an Android problem rather than Desire-specific, but I’d be interested to know if anyone has experienced similar problems.

    • Jonathan Says:

      Try using adobe reader for android. It’s new to the market. Btw has anyone managed to find google earth on the android market yet? I Can’t seem to find it…

      • Gabriel Says:

        thank you Jonathan. Sadly I tried that too, and the same files that won’t open in the PDF reader that comes with the phone also does not work with Adobe Acrobat reader. It must be something about those.files opening on Android phones. odd and frustrating. Thank you though.

      • Jon Says:

        In that case it could be a font problem. Is the file using funny fonts?

      • Si Says:

        I hate searching on the Android market, things just don’t match well.

        I use to find it, and then scan the barcode which relates to it’s entry on the market.

      • Jon Says:

        Good find. There is also a mobile version of the site that thou can browse on your phone

      • Jon Says:

        No I searched the other day and couldn’t find it 😦 Haven’t tried Adobe Reader yet as don’t deal with pdfs much in my personal life but it’d probably be useful for work.

    • kym Says:

      I have this issue. It seems to be sites where the pdf opens only WITHIN the site (eg uni “blackboard” or journal articles) and I haven’t found a way to save/download them. VERY ANNOYING

  13. Daniel Bentley Says:

    I’m about to get the Desire.
    Should any of these bugs ward me off getting one?

    Also have you emailed these to HTC? I’m sure they’ll find it useful.

  14. Gav Says:

    The facebook app keeps saying no content when on the wall. Also says an error while connecting to data (null) why is this?

    • Jon Says:

      Interesting, mine has also started doing this… I wonder if Facebook have changed something and the app is no longer able to load the News Feed.? Notifications are still working fine..

    • Si Says:

      Another facebook issue, more notably in the widget for me…

      If you have someone on ignore… they still show up on the Desire.

      I have someone who has annoying wall posts all the time, but don’t want to remove them (grrr family…).

      Anyone else?

      • Jon Says:

        Damn, that does sound pretty annoying. I don’t use the Facebook widget due to its ugliness… Do you have the same problem using Friend Stream?

  15. wilson Says:

    Note that the AGPS is really a bug becoz when I use the same function in window mobile handset, it works in both wifi / gprs / edge.
    In android, it only works now in wifi but not gprs/edge. So please take it serious.

  16. jeremy Says:

    does anyone have this problem…
    when you open the search function and type something in the search box, the search tab just closes on its on.
    i have to reopen the search function again and retype.. and it happens quite a few times (especially so if i’m typing really long searches)

  17. geekchic Says:

    I had a software update installed today, the Facebook bug seems to be fixed. Still can’t see Google Earth on Market though…

  18. Danny Says:

    Id like to know if anyone has the problem and anyway of solving it, when i goto send a txt and goto choose the number everyones number has gone and is just replaced by a single digit either a 6 or 7, if i goto the menu and open up the contacts the numbers are all there and fine they just dont appear when i try and choose a contact to txt, does anyone have this problem or know of a way to solve it?

    • Jon Says:

      Never heard of this one. Are you syncing with Facebook contacts? Do they all have their numbers entered correctly on Facebook?

      • Danny Says:

        Hi, i was syncing with facebook but had the contacts sync disabled ive enabled it and synced but its made no difference some contacts dont have there numbers entered correctly but even those that do still only show one digit.

      • Danny Says:

        ahh i just started the phone in safe mode and then restarted the phone normally and this has fixed the problem.

  19. JJFA Says:

    Hey, here’s a couple I’ve been experiencing, any help would b great:

    1: Facebook notifications don’t work, I just get an e-mail! Also when I do check the notifications I have to go on the touch site to comment,but I’m guessing the second isn’t a bug!

    2: I can’t add an email account to the mail app! A warning appears stating it can’t connect with the server!!

    3: I can only call someone by typing in their number, clicking on ‘call contact’ in their contact card starts to call them then just automatically hangs up! This happens most of the time and is extremely annoying!!

    That’s it for now I think. It’s a great phone n has definitely converted me from blackberry I just really want it to work properly!

  20. Leah Says:

    I Always Use internet Banking, Just a Handy thing And Saves me walking To the Bank lol 🙂 But Opens & Then It Just Hits Me Back to the Homescreen.. & then i Click on Internet again & It Just Keeps Hitting me Off.. Really Annoying. Have to Restart Phone Just to Be Able to go on it Once Again, Before it Hits Me Off Again!

    • Jon Says:

      Hmm that does sound pretty annoying. I am also with Lloyds but haven’t tried the Internet banking from my phone. I suggest you try using Opera or maybe even Skyfire to access the site and see if it works any better through these alternative browsers… Good luck!

  21. VJ Says:

    Hey Jon, Great Site!!!
    I got my HTC Desire in May and noticed that everything works fine except the videos!!! and by that i mean Youtube,Personal Videos,Recorded Videos,or any video viewed and i mean ANY!!
    I mailed HTC and they replied saying “Please Hard Reset Your Phone” after doing so TWICE i still got the same problem and ive noticed many other people got it too. I again mailed them and got a reply saying “dear customer,your device may most probably have serious hardware issues and we suggest to bring it to our HTC store and get it fixed”

    But the problem is that everything like NEWS gets updated,facebook works but only my videos dont !!

  22. Will C Says:

    I have the opposite problem to some people with Facebook contacts. I don’t want the pictures I use for contacts to change to their Facebook ones, yet I change them manually, and within a couple of days, they’re back to being the Facebook contact pictures.

  23. Alan Verage Says:

    I have a few issues not listed above…

    1. The phone will play a notification for no reason. I have the little guitar chord sound and it plays twice when I receive a text but once for what seems to be no reason at all. What makes that annoying is it will interrupt music playback with the tone before resuming with playback.
    2. Recently, the music player has quit out altogether for no reason. I’d be on the running machine listening to a podcast (which had no issues before) and it would quit playback. When reopening the music player, it doesn’t remember where the track left off. Annoying if it’s an hour long Dave Seamen Podcast.
    3. Dolphin HD (tonnyplayer) will force close when watching youtube clips in browser mode.
    4. No auto-on? I used to be able to set my alarm on the blackberry and turn the thing off. It would turn itself on in the morning and play the alarm – is there no way that I can do that on the HTC Desire?

    Any fixes to this would be appreciated… a lovely phone… now they need to release a double capacity battery for it.

  24. Shawn Says:

    I have noticed an annoying issue with the browser since the android update. Some websites I browse will not allow me to scroll down until I zoom in on them. These web site pages are also pages long so it’s not because it’s at the end of the page already.

    I also get the issue of the phone losing 3G and then spending ages with ‘connecting’.

    Also since the update the phone has been a fair bit slower. Pictures in the scrolling thumbnail viewer from the camera take ages to load. I have probably around 30 pictures on there so not that many really.

  25. emma Says:

    Well my HTC has a horrible battery life, and it often tells me if i quickly go to messages that an error occurred and I have to ‘force close’ it… as if i made it jump.
    Now its not showing me the messages I have sent. So i don’t know whether they’ve got through or not. And quite a few times it has turned itself off without me doing anything.

  26. Dan Says:

    Everytime I try to link a 2nd email to my gmail it force closes, the camera auto focuses when it wants not when you want it to and it focuses on the wrong stuff, notification personalizing is terrible I want to use separate sounds for my email yahoo Facebook but its always the same tone and the race you can link Twitter and Facebook but not MySpace in your friend stream is stupid you can’t link yahoo to your email client competition to Google or not let me do it lol. In my recent calls it has ALL of my contacts and Facebook contacts? Why? Lol im picky I’ll come up with more

  27. Alexia Says:

    Does anyone have any problems getting message alerts?

    My phone can be sitting next to me all day and I don’t hear a peep, but when i check it I’ve recieved 2 text messages.

    It’s quite sporadic with the alerts – sometimes it does work perfectly, and othertime it just doesn’t work at all.

    Is there something I can reset to fix this?

    • Jon Says:

      I haven’t heard of these issues. What version of Android are you running? (To find out, press Menu, Settings, About phone and then Software information) If you have recently updated your phone it’d certainly be worth doing a hard reset.

      • Alexia Says:

        It’s a pretty new phone – only set it up about 3 months ago. The firmware version is 2.1.

      • Jon Says:

        Ok, I would check for a software update. Go to settings, About phone and then Software Update and press the “check now” button. See if 2.2 is available for you…

    • guy Says:

      From what I’ve researched on this the phone only shows the alert light (green flashing light) for 5 minutes after you receive a message, then it stops blinking.

  28. claire Says:

    I have a problem where I will be writing a text and then the backspace button stops working. To solve this, I need to exit the keyboard and reopen it. However, when I exit the keyboard, the screen moves to the top of the thread. This can be annoying if my threads are long, because I need to scroll to the very bottom. I have started deleting my threads once they reach about 40 messages.

    I have tried a hard reset but the problem is still there. It started after the new update.

    Has anyone experienced this?

    My wee tracker thing is also very tempramental but I am not overly bothered about that.

  29. Chloe Says:

    Sometimes on my phone, the keyboard doesn’t work when I start texting the letters don’t actually come up on the screen and it lasts for about a few minutes then after that it works normally again.

    Please can someone help me with this problem?

    • Jon Says:

      I’ve had this problem when im running lots of other apps in the background. It seems to hog up the memory and e keyboard can become slow and unresponsive. I’ve never had it freeze up completely however, it jet lags. Te only way to get round it is to close background apps sadly…

  30. Cat Says:

    I am having the ‘message not sent’ problem. Sometimes I manually try to resend, but lately I have not been doing so.
    Last week I was abroad and the old message not sent was popping up when I tried to send a SMS, so I left it to do it’s thing and my friends and family were receiving the message 5, 6, 7 times over. Annoying for all concerned! And will my network charge me multiple times??

    • Jon Says:

      Yes I’ve had this too and it’s quite annoying. The only time you should get duplicate messages being sent is if you press the “retry sending” button from the Undelivered Message screen. If it is retrying to send automatically when you tell it to retry manually then multiple copies get sent and yes, you’ll get charged :s

  31. Jason A Says:

    I was confused about the messages failing (which thanks to this thread i know how to counter unlinking my friends from fb OR getting them to change their numbers on facebook) and unfortunately before i went and searched for a solution i thought maybe the old turn off and on might work….i was wrong…all it did was when i turned my phone back on…ALL of the user interface had the big clock, the people app my messages app you name it..all GONE..well they are still in my phone under my apps tab and i can put them back up..apart from the default clock..which i really liked. Needless to say i could have easily done without it!…any help on how to get any of it back to normal would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks 🙂

  32. rachel purdon Says:

    Has anyone else found that when you go to enter a contact into a new message, after typing the first few letters of their name and going to click on the person, the drop down list randomly disappears and you have to start typing their name out again?

    • Jon Says:

      I haven’t had this problem. Is it when you’re adding multiple contacts to a message? If so, when you click to add a new person, the original contact goes underneath the “To:” field.

  33. Geoff Says:

    Yes that’s precisely what happens but quite randomly. Not in every message or at the same point in the message.
    I then press the Backspace button repeatedly until I see the message box ‘This message will be deleted’ / Cancel.
    I then press ‘Cancel’ and it jumps to the top of the message tree.
    When I scroll back down the message is still there waiting and the Backspace button now responds normally allowing me to complete the text.

    • Jon Says:

      Ah I did have this happen to me a while ago. What software version are you running? You can find out here: Menu -> Settings -> About phone -> Software information

  34. Geoff Says:


  35. Sandeep Says:

    Memory!!! Only 147 mb free space out of the box!! WTF!! Install 15-20 apps and it gives u a out of space warning.. how could HTC have not thought about it?.. Should have given atleast 1 gig if u take such a humongous amount of space with ur native applications..

  36. stoo Says:

    The messages icon often doesn’t indicate when I have a new text message. Often I send someone a text, hit the home button and much later check to see if I have a reply only to find I do. No indication on the icon on the home screen. Very annoying.

    • Jon Says:

      I’ve found that if you press the Home button when you’ve sent a text you don’t get the message icon showing you have a new message because the Messages application was running in the background on the thread you were previously in – this means the message is automatically marked as read. Annoying yes. The only way out of it is to make sure you press the Back button to exit the Messages app. Hope this helps you out!

  37. JLW Says:

    Does anyone know a solution to the following problem or know whether HTC are looking into it.

    MY HTC Desire connects using wifi perfectly to my home BT router, via my secured network or to my open btopenzone. It will not connect to the BT router at work all I get it is connecting, obtaining ipadress from bt_hub…., disconnecting, connecting, obtaining ipaddress………
    I have seen many suggestions on the net about setting a static ipaddress, some suggestions are successful most are not. This isa BT router at work and I cannot get a static ipaddress assigned, to have it rebooted requires a call to an IT department in another building. My phone has never successfully connected and neither has a friends HTC Desire, a iPhone has connected successfully as do laptops. Please help, I have included software versions of my phone below:

    android 2.2
    baseband version
    browser weblit 3.1

    • Jon Says:

      It’s most likely to be that the Router at work has some security set on it like MAC address-based authentication or it may eve use a Radius server.

      we have something like this where I work. Anyone who wants to join the network has to bring their device/computer in and we take the MAC address and add it to our server to allow a connection. This is the only reason i can think of that you can’t join otherwise. Speak to your IT Technician and ask if you can get your phone registered onto the system – I’m sure they won’t mind!

  38. JLW Says:

    There is no authentication, its an open network its in a bar and anyone who walks in from the street can access it without providing a password or providing their ip or MAC address. I thought I had mentioned that the router at work was open, obviously I didn’t, apologies for that.

    • Jon Says:

      OK. I suppose it might also be that your phone is using the wireless profile from your home router on your work one? Is it called the same thing? Either way, try removing all previously joined networks in the network settings on the phone and then trying again. You can press and hold on a previous network and tell it to “forget”

  39. Graham Says:

    I am having a problem with my desire. Today it turned itself off and I went to turn back on and it shows the first screen continuosly. It goes off and on at about 1 minute intervals. I tried at one stage removing battery and restarting and it went into safe mode. Not knowing what to do I shut it down and havent been able to get going since.

  40. ken Says:

    I used to be able to edit desktop items by dragging them to the lower left where an edit button would appear. The edit button appears but its never active. Seems to be since the lates OS upgrade to 2.2.1

  41. Stina Says:

    I can’t open ONE text message news thread. The other messages open just fine, but when I try to open a certain text message news thread thing it says it’s “loading” but never loads it. I tried to delete the news thread, but it didn’t. I can’t even open text messages from that ONE person, I can only see their text appear on my screen but I can’t open it. It’s super annoying because they’re from my boyfriend, and his texts are the only ones that I can’t open on my phone!

  42. tammy Says:

    Anyone have your contacts list multiply itself. It tripled itself , I turned the phone off it went back to normal but soon enough again it tripled all my contacts, so annoying to scroll to names. Other thing, any way to get the auto correct to actually pick the word i first typed? I can type a word and for some reason the auto correct highlights in green some other word even though the one I actually typed is a word and an option. Have to correct it constantly when it replaces the word i typed with the wrong one.

  43. remtechie Says:

    My contacts list multiplies itself on a daily basis. Currently, on my phone I have 126 contacts and would expect the Sim to have a similar number give or take the odd one. However, the number on my Sim currently stands at 2025!!!!

    • Jon Says:

      I didn’t know it was even possible for a SIM to hold that many! That’s ridiculous! I would try factory resetting your phone in case it’s a software issue. Let me know if you get stuck!

  44. Arraius Says:

    Hey everyone 🙂

    Great site!! Interesting to see some of my problems being listed by others so that I now know its not just me going mad or misunderstanding a setting issue or something…

    Anyway, I have noticed the following problems over the past month:

    Phone randomly deletes my email accounts all by itself??

    Phone randomly deletes apps on its own??

    I have also found that contacts go missing or get deleted (I use my Google contacts) when I add the account again they are all there.

    Not sure whats going on with it but its annoying the hell out of me which is a shame as I love my Desire!!

    • Jon Says:

      It sounds like you have a few bugs there. I could try doing a factory reset to see if that clears things up. It’s always goo to start afresh every now and again.

  45. ben curran Says:

    Sometimes when I press letters on keyboard it also selects letters from the other side or no where near where I pressed! Wtf! And it’s very picky bout who I send messages to. Sometimes when I press send it sends, sometimes it does nothing!

    • Jon Says:

      You could try re-calibrating your screen if you’re having problems. Go to Settings -> Language & keyboard -> Touch Input -> Text Input -> Calibration tool

  46. MARCELO Says:


  47. MARCELO Says:


  48. diane Says:

    Lately when typing a text the screen jumps out of the typing frame right up to the top of the list of texts so I have to scroll right down to keep typing the message. Seems to be no different if I have a short or long history of texts with any particular contact.

    • Jon Says:

      The best thing i have found to do is to just press Back until it saves your message as a Draft and then press Menu, Drafts and start editing the message again. It is very annoying and although you can continue to write the message when this problem happens, you can see if it’s all spelt correctly because you’re at the top of the thread…

    • Mark Says:

      I have this problem too, usually when the message reaches over a standard SMS length. I used to recover by tilting the phone to landscape and back, but an easier workaround is to press the back button to hide the keyboard, then hold down the menu button to restore the keyboard again

  49. Casper Says:

    The biggest issue i have with this otherwise awesome phone, is the re-sending of “undelivered” txt’s that have actually been sent and received! Then, if i let my phone go flat on start up it re-sends all of the messages, annoying for both me and the people that receive them. Using HTC Desire HD, running 2.3.5

    Any ideas?

  50. sange4499 Says:

    with the most recent htc desire hd update, tge unlock pin on the screen is all well and good but ive found half the time if you try to answer the phone an error comes up and the telephone ap closes hanging up

  51. Mark Says:

    The strangest ‘feature’ I’ve found on my Desire is to go into the People app and then, at the list of contacts, just hold down the menu button for a second or two. This brings up the keyboard, and typing anything adds it to a floating black box that looks like a search box. However, you cannot delete any characters in this box, it persists and appears to have no use at all. It only disappears from the list of contacts screen after restarting or force-closing the People application!

  52. bev Says:

    can anyone help my sent messsages are not showing up anymore so not sure if they are sending or not. thank u

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