Changes in the HTC Desire firmware v

HTC Desire Small

Finally updated, the HTC Desire!

Just thought I’d post a couple of things I’d noticed that have changed in the new firmware from HTC. Let me know if you find any more.

  1. The Messages application has been updated. New messages now appear in bold text. Each thread has a number (in brackets) next to it denoting how many messages are in the thread to that person/group of people. To be honest I’d probably rather not have this number in my list but there is no way to turn it off. I have noticed that Messaging tends to work a lot slower than it did before. Sending a text message which spans say 2 or 4 messages takes a lot longer to go to the outbox ready to be sent…
  2. The YouTube app has been updated. You can now watch videos in HQ mode (no HD yet 😦 ) and the YouTube widget has also been updated to show a ‘feed’ of any new videos in your YouTube subscriptions. A nice touch.
  3. There are some new widgets! Go to the Add widget screen and then press “Get more HTC widgets”. The widgets that you saw in all the demos before the phone launched seem to be available. They are as follows: Coin Flip, Dice, Notes, Tip Calculator and the old one: Today in History. There are also a couple of 1×1 widgets for changing your Profile and your Ringtone.
  4. No more Facebook-network contact bug in the Messages app. HTC have finally fixed that annoying bug!

I haven’t noticed any improvements in battery life or start-up time but I’m sure I’ll find some more things out over the next few days.


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16 Responses to “Changes in the HTC Desire firmware v”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    I’ve got the EVO youtube app and i think its the same version of the app as the update 1.6.20(E). I’ve got a link for the evo youtube app apk if its not the one you’ve got 🙂

  2. Gabriel Says:

    I haven’t upgraded the firmware, but I can get all those widgets already on HTC Desire on Orange. I had to go to “Get more HTC widgets” to find them. The coin flip and dice are cool! The notes I’m slightly disappointed with, as you can’t edit notes once they’re written. Much prefer ColorNote app for note-taking (+ has inbuilt checklist)

    • Jon Says:

      I agree, ColorNote works a treat! Strange how you had access to the HTC extra widgets on your Orange firmware previously. Perhaps they did appear before the update but I only checked a couple of times on the old firmware so HTC must have updated via the web (as it just connects to their site to get the downloads)

  3. Chris Says:

    I have the update (on O2)… but don’t appear to have any of those extra widgets in the Get More Widgets page 😦

  4. Ryan Johnston Says:

    Another new thing possibly due to update? When the phone is on silent/vibrate only modes, I think the screen now lights up when you recieve a text where as before it didn’t. This could be something I’ve change while fannying about with it but if not then it may have changed in the last update? Anyone able to confirm, thanks…

  5. Ash Says:

    The disappointing thing with the youtube update is you could always watch in HQ just you had to press the menu button to find it all they did is make it more accessible.

    • Jon Says:

      Really? I must have just not noticed it before. Still, it’s nice to have on the player like you get on the web version

  6. Ash Says:

    Quick note about the widgets if they aren’t appearing press menu and then refresh… should solve it.

  7. Jon B Says:

    Not bothered updating mine. I’ve heard about some, albeit minor, battery and GPS problems since the update so I’ll give it a miss for now. I’m firmly of the belief that if it aint broke – don’t fix it, and my Desire is running just tickety-boo. Besides, there’s nothing in the update that I would either want or need. As Ash said, the HQ option has always been available for YouTube anyway.

    • Jon Says:

      What GPS issues have you heard of? I’ve used mine without a problem so far…

      • Jon B Says:

        A couple of people on Phandroid forums mentioned slow lock-on and weak signal since the update but conversely people have also reported no issues with their GPS.

  8. Si Says:

    I think HD is overkill for a mobile really (both data and visually).

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