HTC Desire is the best phone of 2010 – official (iPhone 4 fail!)

HTC Desire Small

It feels good to be number 1!

OK I maybe went a bit overboard with the old title on this one but it is partly true.

The HTC Desire swooped in and picked up the “Phone of the year” award in the latest issue of T3 magazine.

So, even to the somemwhat disklike of the T3 editors, the Desire came up trumps when it came down to the public vote of more than 750,000 people.

It just goes to show that no matter how many ‘fanboys’ have dedicated their life and religion to all things Apple – the top hardware comes through in the end.

Well done Desire and well done HTC.



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3 Responses to “HTC Desire is the best phone of 2010 – official (iPhone 4 fail!)”

  1. Si Says:

    Don’t like public votes – most people will vote for what they own, and I would suggest that most people have only had one.

    Of those who have used both most likely will have been Apple to HTC rather than the other way around.

    But still, good… I think the OS helps more, and further on in life people will learn to love that they can do the same things on multiple manufacturers phones – rather than be stuck with Kim Jong Il.

    Actually Apple and North Korea has some things in common it seems… beloved leader says so.

    • Jon Says:

      I know what you’re saying about public votes but would you feel different if the iPhone had come first? Perhaps an “industry vote” by technology magazines and websites would be interesting to see.

      I am lucky enough to have used both and I don’t hate the iPhone 4, I do however think the aerial problem is unforgivable – especially after reading the reports that they knew about the problem before the phone hit the shops. It was similar to the gps and camera shutter design flaws on the original Nokia N97 – now way a phone should be released with such problems.

  2. htc desire phone Says:

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