300 apps a day brings the Android Market to 100,000 apps

Android Market PayPal

Android Market accepting PayPal soon? Let's hope so.

Back in March the Android Market had just 30,000 apps. I say “just” but that’s obviously still a huge amount. Since then there has been an average of 300 apps released each day onto the Market which yesterday officially brought the total to over 100,000. I say officially because Google announced it on their official Twitter page. Androlib had reported the 100,000 mark a few months back but it wasn’t official.

So, although we’re ‘still 180,000’ apps behind the iPhone App Store I don’t think this is a bad thing. The main problem the Market has had is the limiting payment methods which hopefully the inclusion of PayPal will clear up. Once PayPal payments are integrated into the Market I think we’ll see more developers come aboard as it’ll allow users from other countries to finally purchase apps.

I have had my fair share of problems with PayPal but I think overall it’ll definitely improve the wages of the developers who spend so much time making apps for us to waste spend our time on.



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