Plants Vs Zombies, Peggle and Bewjewled are coming to the Android Market!

[Update 18/01/2011 – Plants Vs Zombies Android and Peggle Android nearly here! PopCap confirm a Q2 release for Android users. Click here to read more ]

[UPDATE 05/11/2010PopCap have official announced a “2011” release date for Plants Vs Zombies and Peggle for Android. Click here to read more]

Well spotted by EuroDroid last night; PopCap Games tweeted that they definitely are working on some games for Android!

We can certainly expect to see their top three games appearing and for the uninitiated of you I have listed them below:

Plants Vs Zombies

Certainly one of PopCap’s most successful game of the last few years. Plants Vs Zombies sees you and your arsenal of plants fighting off hordes of zombies from entering your house and eating your brain. Sounds odd? Yes. Is it fun? Definitely! So fun in fact that I have actually purchased every incarnation on every platform they have released it on.

Plants Vs Zombies Android


Peggle also has its fair share of followers. The premise of the game is simple, clear all the orange pegs from the board. Although it sounds simple it can get difficult (but never to the point you want to throw your computer out the window and head to the pub). Each character you play with has different special moves and gameplay styles so the re-playability is very high.

Peggle Android


Zuma is a puzzle game where you must clear the coloured balls from the level. You are an ancient frog who shoots balls from his mouth and it is with these balls you can chain up combos and clear more and more balls.

Zuma Android


Bewjewled has been around for a very long time and is one of the original ‘twist and clear’ (I just made that up) jewel games. Twist and turn jewels to match one another and clear them from the game board. Everyone has downloaded one of these style games but PopCap’s is sure to be a hit even still.

Bejeweled Android

Why it has taken so long for PopCap to get their act together for Android is yet to be known but the success of the iPhone and new platforms like Windows Mobile 7 can’t have helped things (PopCap have a good relationship with Microsoft). Whatever the reason however, PopCap can expect to hit the “Top Paid” section with their games in the Market on a handset near you soon (hopefully).

Do you have a favourite PopCap game that I haven’t listed? If so, what is it and why is it your favourite and would you like to see it on Android?


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