HTC Desire auto-brightness – useless?

auto brightness, androidWhilst browsing the web I found an article relating to the HTC Desire and iPhone 4’s auto-brightness feature. It explains how these features don’t actually work properly and are bugged to high-heaven. Anyway, I found myself saying “Yes, yes this has happened to me! What on this earth would cause such a problem?“.

I’ve often been sat in the pitch black (just something I tend to do) and wanted to check my phone only to find myself completely blinded when the screen auto-brightnesses (new word) to full brightness. Surely this isn’t a complicated thing to get right. I recall in Electronics back at school we set up a light sensor to dim/brighten a lamp depending on the ambient light. Surely, 16 years later technology must have improved enough to get it to work in a mobile phone?

Apparently not. Have you had the same problem? Is there an app to fix it? Let me know and in the mean time, be sure to check out the full article on the website.



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2 Responses to “HTC Desire auto-brightness – useless?”

  1. Gabriel Says:

    I only noticed it when I got 2.2 upgrade. Found it most irritating in normal use under light conditions, as the phone constantly tried to adjust brightness. Disabled for the better.

    • Jon Says:

      The only problem with disabling it is if you are in very bright sunlight and the brightness isn’t at the max then it’s difficult to read the screen. You’d either have to have the brightness set to max all the time or just keep adjusting it. Luckily, here in the UK, this isn’t a common problem as we don’t have much sun 😉

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