Top 10 HTC Desire Battery Life Increasing Tips [HD]

Evening folks. I’ve just finished uploading my “Top 10 HTC Desire Battery Life Increasing Tips” video onto YouTube. Be sure to watch it before you go out for your Halloween parties because you don’t want to end up with a dead phone by the end of the night! 😉

Read on to see the full story and please subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

Here are my top 10 tips on making sure your HTC Desire/Nexus One battery lasts as long as possible. I can easily get a day and a half out of my Desire when applying these tips so hopefully you will be able to as well! Please comment or ask any questions below and please don’t forget to subscribe!

1) Use the Power Control Widget – the gives you quick access to all the power-draining features of your phone and allows you to turn them on and off at the press of a button.

2) Mobile Data Widget – Add this to one of your screens to enable you to turn the phone’s network data connection on and off. Keeping it off will drastically increase the life of your battery. Only turn it on if you are out of WiFi range and need to send/receive some data. Turning Mobile Data off does not effect being able to send/receive calls/texts.

3) On the Android Market, search for “2G 3G”. This free little widget allows you to jump to one of the settings screens on your phone with one click. From this place you can set your phone to work in just “2G” mode which increases the life of your battery.

4) Brightness – one of the obvious ones. The brighter your screen, the quicker your battery drains. You can use the Power Control widget to quickly switch between Low, Medium and High brightness levels. Keep it on Low to be most efficient. Medium is fine if you know you’ll be reunited with your charger at the end of the day and only use High brightness in very sunny places.

5) Live Wallpapers – As pretty as they are, if you’re going to be away from your charger for a while it’s a good idea to turn them off. Simply press the Menu button on your homescreen and click “Wallpaper”. From here, select one of the static wallpapers.

The next 5 tips are really picky and should only really be used in emergencies when you know you won’t be able to charge for over a day.

6) Vibration – turn it off! Any little vibrations your phone’s battery has to do will suck power away. You can also turn off the screen vibrations (haptic feedback). See the video for more info.

7) Diable auto screen rotate – This will disable the G sensor in the phone which detects which orientation the phone is in. if this sensor is not being used then it’s another plus to your battery life

8) Screen timeout – by default it is set to 30 seconds. So, if you don’t lock your screen (or unlock it accidentally) the screen will turn off and lock after x number of seconds. You can set it down to 15 seconds which is nice and quick.

9) Disable window animations – Rather than having fancy window animations which use up CPU (and therefore batter) you can disable them from the Settings menu.

10) Change your sync settings – Do you really need Facebook to sync every hour? Does Peep need to update every 5 minutes? Probably not. Set these (and any other syncing app) to as high a time frequency as you can. The less connecting and syncing your phone has to do, the longer the battery will last. Don’t forget, if you turn off syncing from the Power Control bar, this disables all syncing apps in one go. Turning it back on will sync all apps so if you want to check if you’ve had an update it is sometimes more efficient to do it this way.


I hope you found these tips useful. Please comment, suggest and subscribe while I leave you with one more piece of advice:

The most important thing you can do is make sure you “cycle” your battery properly. This means charging it to 100% and then using the phone until it is 0% and the phone turns off. This will keep the battery in much better working order and you’ll find the phone lasts longer without a charge.


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10 Responses to “Top 10 HTC Desire Battery Life Increasing Tips [HD]”

  1. george Says:

    i dont think that you totaly need to charge and discharge the battery every time, but you need to calibrate it maybe once every 3 weeks

    • Jon Says:

      As battery technology improves and we see batteries without “memories” I agree the need becomes less. It’s still good practice however 😉

  2. Simon Says:

    My mobile data has started connecting its self automatically, even with it switched off in the settings and showing switch off on the widget.

    Anyone any ideas how to switch it off?


    • Jon Says:

      You could try the following:

      Settings -> Wireless & Networks -> Mobile networks —- now un-tick “Enable always-on mobile data”

      Also turn off Data roaming. Press back and make sure “Mobile network” is un-ticked as well.

      Good luck!

  3. anheart Says:

    I think if you don’t want to enable such things then why you had purchased the HTC Desire HD?? You should buy some Nokia ones having more battery power..

    • Jon Says:

      There are many reasons you might need or want to save battery life. What if you’re going camping over the weekend and have no way to charge your phone? You’d probably want your phone to last a couple of days no?

      I personally have all features I’m using enabled unless I know i won’t be able to charge my phone for over a day.

      Oh and I only have the standard Desire – not the HD

  4. Symbian-Man Says:

    The statement about the battery charge is wrong.
    These devices run on Lithium batteries which do not have memory, like Ni-MH bateries, so there is not need for a complete discharge. Actually frequent short-charges are better and prolong the battery life. Calibration is not needed, it`s actually useless.
    Lithium based batteries are degrading in time, from the moment they have been manufactured, even when they are not being used.

  5. Sanchit Patel Says:

    if we have to manage so much just to use the phone, then its like HTC hiring us to use there phones for free rather then us spending money to buy a device which we cant practically use….i love the phone but the battery is now putting me off

  6. Mjau mjau, HTC cow Says:

    Battery life still sucks ass, I even got some special chinese ebay battery, didn’t change things much. They really need to focus on battery life more with these things, you can hardly do anything without the shit being drained to hell within half an hour. Other than that, it’s a good device.

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