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HTC Desire Mobile Network Usage Test

November 25, 2010

I am planning on going away in a few weeks to the sunny beaches of Grand Canaria – finally, the first holiday I’ve had in over 2 years!

My first worry was how much data my phone would use whilst abroad. We all know roaming charges can be a huge knock on your bill so I’d like to know how much, on average, my phone uses over a day.

T-Mobile UK have quite a good system for customers travelling abroad. You can add something called a “Booster” to your account and this will give you a fixed amount of data to use over a certain period of time.

T-Mobile Flexible BoostersThis means you can be sure of exactly how much you’re spending and how much you have to use.

I am thinking of opting for the 50MB version but I will see how my day of standard network use goes. This includes weather updates, Twitter, Facebook, e-mail and news so it’s going to be an interesting test.

11:00am – I have currently used 2.30MB of data since 8am this morning. Obviously quite a fair amount but that did involve some GTalk usage as well.

14:00 – 4.40MB of data used now. Looks like there’s a few tweaks to do before I go away on holiday!

17:00 – 7.99MB Looks like it’s over 1MB/hour at the moment

20:00 –9.60MB Haven’t been using any apps (except for the Mail app a few times) so it looks like I’ve only used about 0.5MB since 17:00 with background updates

21:00 –10.44MB

So at the end of a long day the phone has used over 10MB of mobile network data with normal use. Judging by these results I wouldn’t last too long with my 50MB Booster over 7 days. Tomorrow I will set up my phone to be more efficient with updates and see how it fairs at the end of the day.


The ultimate list of bugs for the HTC Desire running Froyo 2.2

November 24, 2010

BugI’m currently work on a bug list to send to HTC for the HTC Desire running Froyo 2.2.

A lot of the bugs from 2.1 have been quashed and some new ones have been introduced.

If youve found anything yourselves then please post below so I can add it to the list.

Happy bug hunting!

Opera Mobile 10.1 browser arrives on Android

November 10, 2010

It’s been a long time coming but now the fully fledged Opera Mobile browser is available on Android. Opera Mobile browser is a more functional version of Opera Mini which has been available on the Android Market for some time.

android opera robot

The Opera Android robot! Look at his 'ickle cape! Aww!

Its “Opera Turbo” mode enables super-fast browsing as the pages are compressed on the Opera servers before being sent to your phone. This is great if you only have a measly 2G connection. Even on 3G it’s always better to get web pages quicker than normal. You will notice a compressed-look on images that are downloaded with the Turbo mode active but it’s not a problem with general browsing.

Tabbed browsing is a welcome feature along with the “Speed Dial” start page which lists your most visited websites in a grid – similar to Apple’s Safari browser.

The other nice notable feature is the ability to sync your bookmarks with your desktop computer’s Opera browser. This means you can keep your Desire Fanatics bookmarked page on both your PC/Mac and Android phone ūüėČ

Now, the only downside to Opera Mobile is the monstrous amount of space it requires on your internal memory Рa whopping 20MB!! No joke! So, unless you have a nice Apps2SD style program and can copy the app to your SD card then I doubt many people will be able to install it.

Now, this is a 10.1 Beta of the app so there are bound to be some problems. My first being that it wouldn’t actually launch(!). A quick uninstall and re-install soon fixed that. First impressions are good. It does still need some work, rendering isn’t as quick as Skyfire yet (even with Turbo activated) but I’m sure all these things can be improved upon.


Plants Vs Zombies and Peggle coming “in 2011” for Android

November 5, 2010

Plants Vs Zombies Android

[Update 18/01/2011 –¬†Plants Vs Zombies Android and Peggle Android nearly here! PopCap confirm a Q2 release for Android users. Click here to read more ]

It’s now got a date. The time we’ve all been waiting for – the time where we’d be able to play Plants Vs Zombies (and Peggle) on our Android phones.

PocketGamer managed to speak to Sameer Baroova yesterday to get the following statement:

I am delighted to confirm that we are working on bringing both Peggle and Plants vs Zombies to Android in early 2011

Apparently, the reason Window 7 phone gets a PopCap game before us Android users is down to our “fragmented device base” (whatever that means).

I suppose it’s better than nothing. If you’re not sure what to expect from these games (and others PopCap have to offer then be sure to check out my Plants Vs Zombies Android post from a few weeks ago. Will let you know more as soon as I hear it.


Quick Look video: Grooveshark Mobile App for Android

November 5, 2010

Although I’m still recovering from deadly Man Flu; I have just uploaded a new video to my YouTube channel where I take a look at and review the Grooveshark mobile app for Android. Let me know what you think in the comments below.


HTC Desire: still the best Android phone available

November 4, 2010
HTC Desire

HTC Desire - Still the best

Even though our Desires are almost a year old it’s still the best Android phone available – and that’s not just what I think. A recent article by TechRadar sums up the top 10 Android phones and the HTC Desire comes out on top. It even beats its bigger brother the HTC Desire HD!

Here is the full top 10:

10. Motorola Milestone XT720
9. Samsung Galaxy Apollo i5800
8. Acer Stream
7. Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro

6. HTC Legend
5. Google Nexus One
4. Orange San Francisco
3. Samsung Galaxy S
2. HTC Desire HD
1.  HTC Desire

Click here to read the full article and find out why.


New Facebook Android app updated: version 1.4.0

November 3, 2010

Facebook released an update to their Android Facebook app today bringing it to version 1.4.0.

This new update adds support for Places, Groups and an improved comment viewing system.

Places lets you see where your friends are (if they geo-tag their posts)

Groups apparently lets you “share posts with small groups of friends” whatever that means! I loaded it up but just got a blank screen so I don’t know if I’m missing something?

The “improved notifications” basically means you are no longer taken to the browser and mobile version of the site to cure certain comments/updates.

Along with these improvements and bug fixes it’s nice too see a solid update. The only complaint I have for this update is they’ve gone back to taking you straight to the news feed rather than the main menu which we saw in a previous version. It might just be me but I prefer clicking to view the news feed rather than the app taking me there to start with.


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