The ultimate list of bugs for the HTC Desire running Froyo 2.2

BugI’m currently work on a bug list to send to HTC for the HTC Desire running Froyo 2.2.

A lot of the bugs from 2.1 have been quashed and some new ones have been introduced.

If youve found anything yourselves then please post below so I can add it to the list.

Happy bug hunting!


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12 Responses to “The ultimate list of bugs for the HTC Desire running Froyo 2.2”

  1. Palipali Says:

    It’s still very annoying to me not being able to set an appointment with no alarm.

    I also miss the possibility to change the first name / surname order.

    It would be much easier to change the predictive dictionnary on and off right from the text I’m writing instead of going thru multipple levels of menus

    • Jon Says:

      Hi Palipali, it is possible to create an appointment without a reminder: click to create a new appointment and then press then Menu button to hide the keyboard. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen where you should see “Reminders” which by default is set to 10 minutes. Click on the pull-down menu and then scroll UP – you can now select “None” and the reminder will be taken off that appointment. To re-add a reminder you can press Menu and then select “Add reminder”.

      The other things you mention however are annoying niggles!

  2. James Says:

    Why can’t I turn the phone off at night and set an alarm. My Samsung D600 and Sony Ericsson did this and they were POOP compared to the Desire.

    • Jon Says:

      I agree in this day and age something so simple is quite ridiculous. The first thing I do (ok not the very first) when I get a new phone is see whether you can turn it off and have it turn back on for an alarm. It’s sad that the Desire doesn’t have this ‘function’.

      The even stranger thing is you’ll notice that if you have a countdown timer or stopwatch going and you turn off your phone and then back on again – you’ll see they were still counting when the phone is off so the function must be there somewhere… :/

  3. ado Says:

    when you get a sms conversation going from a person if you use the quick task bar from the top instead of going into sms folder at times your conversations will not sync and will be out of order even though the times you recive the msg and send are normal. can get confusing sometimes.

    • Jon Says:

      Hmm I haven’t seen this one. I’ve only had the SMS bug that scrolls your conversation to the top of the thread when you are typing. Doesn’t sound good though!

  4. kratonator Says:

    I miss the possibility to set a custom phone number format in People. Is there a way to change the number format?

  5. Zeus Says:

    When I try to delete an sms on the top of the list in messages the bottom one is deleted instead, and I cannot recover it (as usual).

  6. shoeb Says:

    It doesn’t take alphabetic character as input while using UMB (USSD Menu Browser). Only takes numeric character in Android 2.2

  7. Dutchbabe Says:

    I get textmessages with a symbol in the originator’s field and nothing in the message field. I don’t open these messages. The strange thing is that:
    1. when such a message initially appears, it slots in between old messages sent hours ago.
    2. If I don’t open the message (which I never do), the symbols in the originators field change, as does the time & date it appears to be received. But it’s still the same unopened message.

    Does anyone else have this? I’ve contacted my provider, Orange, as I was concerned these were viruses or someone trying to access my phone. They believe that’s not possible with android technology. I believe anything is possible if someone has the knowledge & determination to make something happen.

    Are these just bugs or is it more than that?

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