HTC Desire Mobile Network Usage Test

I am planning on going away in a few weeks to the sunny beaches of Grand Canaria – finally, the first holiday I’ve had in over 2 years!

My first worry was how much data my phone would use whilst abroad. We all know roaming charges can be a huge knock on your bill so I’d like to know how much, on average, my phone uses over a day.

T-Mobile UK have quite a good system for customers travelling abroad. You can add something called a “Booster” to your account and this will give you a fixed amount of data to use over a certain period of time.

T-Mobile Flexible BoostersThis means you can be sure of exactly how much you’re spending and how much you have to use.

I am thinking of opting for the 50MB version but I will see how my day of standard network use goes. This includes weather updates, Twitter, Facebook, e-mail and news so it’s going to be an interesting test.

11:00am – I have currently used 2.30MB of data since 8am this morning. Obviously quite a fair amount but that did involve some GTalk usage as well.

14:00 – 4.40MB of data used now. Looks like there’s a few tweaks to do before I go away on holiday!

17:00 – 7.99MB Looks like it’s over 1MB/hour at the moment

20:00 –9.60MB Haven’t been using any apps (except for the Mail app a few times) so it looks like I’ve only used about 0.5MB since 17:00 with background updates

21:00 –10.44MB

So at the end of a long day the phone has used over 10MB of mobile network data with normal use. Judging by these results I wouldn’t last too long with my 50MB Booster over 7 days. Tomorrow I will set up my phone to be more efficient with updates and see how it fairs at the end of the day.


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