The Sims 3 Android App Review (HTC Desire) + HD Video

Hi everyone and Happy New Year!

2011 is bound to be an exciting year for Android devices and with the HTC Desire and Desire HD going strong we can expect to see some great games.

The first of these great games is The Sims 3 from EA Mobile which I have reviewed below. I have also put in my video review below for those of you who can’t read.



Text review for people who can also read:

The Sims 3 Android Review Screenshot 1

Nice pad, mind if I move in?

The Sims is the People Simulator from Will Wright, the creator of Sim City.

Ever since its release way back in February 2000 I was in love. The idea of controlling someone’s life was really something that had never been done before.

Over the last 11 years The Sims has seen many incarnations and add-ons for nearly every console. Did you know The Sims 2 was set 25 after The Sims and that The Sims 3 is set 25 years before The Sims? No, well it’s not that interesting I suppose.

The Sims 3 Android Review Screenshot 2

Jeremy Kyle wasn't up to much this morning

So EA Mobile have finally gotten their act together and released a slew of games “optimised” for Android. By “optimised” they mean not just a Java-port. This is good coming from EA Mobile because they were previously renown for making crappy ports across various different mobile phones.

Gameplay: 7/10

The game starts off in the usual fashion, create yourself a Sim, set up his/her looks and traits and then give it a name. There isn’t a huge combination of styles/clothes for your Sim but this is something that could be improved upon at a later date (more on that later).

So once your Sim is ready to go you jump into a pre-defined house (sorry you can’t select one just yet) and the tutorial begins. The tutorial is OK but can feel a little bit slow for Sims fanatics. Either way, it does they job but can leave you slightly dumfounded as to what to do once its finished.

The Sims 3 Android Review Screenshot 3

Support your local stores!

This is the main difference between the PC/Mac version of the game and the mobile versions. The mobile versions leave you thinking “what next?” whereas you’re never stuck for things to do on the computer counterparts. Obviously you can’t get a full-game experience on a mobile handset and don’t let this put you off – there’s still plenty you can do and unlock. The addition of “wishes” helps you along the way. Every so often your Sim will have a “wish” – something they’d really like to do in the near future. This can be anything from learning how to cook to kicking over the rubbish bin outside. These wishes build up over time and you find yourself with more to do than at the start of the game.

The wishes turn into goals you aim to complete. These are just fun “achievements” if you so wish. Depending on the traits you select for your Sim at the start of the game you will have three main personal goals. My three are to achieve the highest fishing, repairing and cooking skill level.

The Sims 3 Android Review Screenshot 4

Your persona plays a part in how other Sims treat you

One of the first things you’ll want to do is go to town and find a job. Each time you go to town the game has to load the interactive map up. This seems annoying at first but it doesn’t take too long. When browsing the town map you will find places of work, places of leisure and places to get a bit of retail therapy.

There are only three places to get a job but hey – it’s only a mobile game. I chose to work at the Town Hall as it was right next door to my house (yeah I’m lazy). When you’ve found a job that suits you you can then start earning some money. Time at work goes by almost instantly which is a good thing as it means you can get on with the more important things in life.

You can buy ingredients, recipes and equipment in town which will help you on your adventure. If you get bored of walking around town you can even buy yourself a car!

The Sims 3 Android Review Screenshot 5

Hanging out at the lake

The Build Mode in The Sims 3 is basic but sufficient enough to tide you by; I imagine trying to build walls and balconies could get very fiddly on a mobile. The Build Mode gives you access to buy, sell and move furniture and appliances and also edit your floor and wall colourings. You can upgrade your house to a bigger better one but this is a set upgrade.

To keep things interesting, certain tasks such as fixing appliances, cooking food and fishing are broken down into a mini game. Fixing an appliance brings you to a broken circuit board which you must replace broken components with working ones. Cooking sees you placed over the stove to make sure things don’t boil over and fishing sees you at the lake jerking your phone up once you’ve got a bite.

The Sims 3 Android Review Screenshot 6

Chatting up a local at the lake

Socialising is similar to other Sims games; find someone and start chatting to them; who knows what could end up happening? You can even invite yourself over to other Sims’ houses (one wish is to use another Sims’ toilet). Don’t expect them to be too happy if you barge in and start urinating in their WC though…

Your HUD displays all the important things including the good old mood and status bar. From here you can quickly see if your Sim needs something to eat or whether they need to offload last night’s curry. Clicking on the status bar gives you a more detailed look at your Sims’ details. You can check their relationship status with other Sims, Career details, Skills, Wishes/Goals, Persona and current Inventory.

Controls: 8/10

So how does The Sims 3 play on a touch-screen only phone? Actually quite well. Although it’ll never replace the keyboard and mouse it’s very easy to pan around, zoom and get your Sim to perform actions using the touch screen. The menus and interface feel snappy and well thought out. There are multiple zooming levels, 360 degree rotation and auto panning to follow your Sim around.

I’ve only experienced “fat finger syndrome” a couple of times.

The Sims 3 Android Review Screenshot 8

Spot of fishing anyone?

The graphics are lovely. I was quite surprised at how nice they looked after playing so many poor Java ports on a mobile.

The models and interface are all very bright, bold and very Sim-like.

Panning and zooming the camera around looks and feels very smooth, no lag at all.

The Sims 3 Android Review Screenshot 7

Wishes add a bit more to The Sims series

The sounds were the disappointing thing for me on this game. The game’s music glitches when it loops to the beginning which is so annoying you will turn it off after it’s done it twice. This is a real shame because music has always been a big thing in Sims games. This is possible for EA Mobile to fix as I hinted upon earlier. This is because every time the game loads it checks for updates – a first I’ve seen in a mobile game. If EA Mobile fix a bug like this it should be relatively simple for them to push out the update to its users without you requiring to re-download the game. This is because when you first load the game, ~45MB of game data is downloaded to your SD card. These files are the core data files that the game uses hence how it should be easy for EA to give updates in the future.

The sound effects are nothing special, without the music you’ll hear not much more than the birds singing.

Overall: 70%

The Sims 3 is definitely worth your purchase and at its current price of 67p you can’t go wrong.

There are over 70 goals to complete overall so it should keep you going for a good few hours if not days.



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8 Responses to “The Sims 3 Android App Review (HTC Desire) + HD Video”

  1. Aljaž Baumkircher Says:

    I have HTC Desire S and my app crashes when I want to “enter world´´.
    Please give me some advice.
    Thank you

  2. vic Says:

    I can’t figure out how to plant can u help me

  3. tetris oyna Says:

    tetris oyna…

    […]The Sims 3 Android App Review (HTC Desire) + HD Video « HTC Desire Fanatics[…]…

  4. Shouhei Ang Sze Young Says:

    How can i build my house and plant

  5. teresa Says:

    can any one help every time i go to play it comes up with increase ics does anyone no what i should do

  6. Christian Says:

    You have to upgrade your house before you can plant seeds. Costs 1000 simeleons.

  7. annie Says:

    3:99 it cost me the graphics arnt that good an it shud b able have add on upgrades like every other game its almost impossible to move items around an there isnt many outfits or things 2 do.

  8. samuel Says:


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