Google not happy with the state of Android Market

Android MarketIt seems that Google aren’t too happy with how things on the Android Market are turning out. Although the Android Market now has hundreds of thousands of apps thats not what it’s all about.

It’s all about money.

If people aren’t paying for apps then developers won’t be happy. The problem is; where there’s a paid app there’s normally a free app that does just as well if not better than said paid app. This is what is hurting the Android developer community.

Google’s response to this is to introduce ways for developers to allow in-game charging of ‘premium’ content – kind of like the thing you see on Xbox Live with additional downloadable content.

Another plan is to make the mobile operators allow charging to your phone bill for apps. It seems people are more likely to buy things if they don’t have to worry about credit/debit cards. This would also help countries that aren’t currently supported through Google Checkout.

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