Gameloft’s Valentine’s £1 Android app sale

Wow, try and say that quickly 5 times in a row!

Mre to the point, Gameloft have a sale on their Android apps up to and including the 14th February – ahh how romantic!

What better way is there to tell someone you love them than to buy an app for your own pleasure?

One caveat however is that the sale isn’t through the Android Market. Strange I know. You actually have to go through Gameloft’s mobile Android site ( ) to get the deals which is a bit of an annoyance.

The other odd thing is that there are games on their mobile site that aren’t in the Android Market. The full list includes:

Real Football 2011 HD
Tom Clancey’s Splinter Cell Conviction HD
Let’s Golf 2 HD
Asphalt 5 HD
Sherk Kart HD
GT Racing: Motor Academy HD
Fishing Kings HD
Tom Clancey’s H.A.W.X. HD
Let’s Golf HD

Each game costs just £1 and if you’re wondering whether you can re-download the game when you wipe your phone then the answer, according to the FAQs, is yes. You can re-download the games for up to 3 years but you have to do it through their site. I think 3 years is more than long enough – will we even be using our HTC Desires in 3 years time? Probably not, we’ll have our HTC Desire 4s by then 😉


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