Alf for LOVEFiLM Android App on Market

Alf for LOVEFILM AndroidIt’s about time: Android finally has an app for managing your LOVEFiLM rental lists – and it’s good too!

As EuroDroid pointed out earlier tonight, Alf for LOVEFiLM launched today on the Market at a very reasonable £1.

The app was written by David Johnston (who is famous for the most played Counter Strike level ever created) and it boasts the following description:

Alf for LOVEFiLM lets you access your LOVEFiLM account on-the-go.

* Includes access to LOVEFiLM’s full database of 70,000+ movies, games, television and music available to rent
* Add and remove titles from any of your queues
* Change title priorities to get the titles you want sooner
* Search by barcode or voice

There has already been one update to the app since the release so the dev is certainly working hard an it open to e-mails with bugs/comments. Take a look at the screenshots below and see for yourself; this is the start of something very very useful. For people like me, I don’t want to have to log onto to the LOVEFiLM website to adjust or add rentals to my list, I want to be able to do it on the move; I want to check when and what rentals have been sent out to me or received back and Alf does that for me.
Alf for LOVEFILM Android Screenshot 1Alf for LOVEFILM Android Screenshot 2

Alf for LOVEFILM Android Screenshot 3Alf for LOVEFILM Android Screenshot 4

Alf for LOVEFILM Android Screenshot 5




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